Meet the CMAE Staff

Photo of CMAE staff members

From top left to right:

Rosa Chavez, Sugam Singh, Norma Trefren and Ixchel Verdugo

135 Oregon Hall; 1255 University of Oregon
Tel: 541-346-3479 | Fax: 541-346-3416

Rosa Chavez
Director, Center for Multicultural Academic Excellence (CMAE)  | 541-346-2848
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Norma Trefren 
Multicultural Academic Counselor, Native American Student Retention Specialist | 541.346.9831
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Sugam Singh
Multicultural Academic Counselor, Asian, Desi and Pacific Islander Retention Specialist 
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Ixchel Verdugo
Multicultural Academic Counselor, Latine/Chicane Retention Specialist |  541-346-9121
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Liv Braiker
Center Administrative Coordinator | 541.346.3347
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Note:The Black / African-American Student Retention Specialist and Bridge ProgramCoordinator positions are currently vacant and in the process of recruitment.