Students, faculty, staff, and administrators deserve a positive, equitable, and inclusive environment in which they can live, work, learn, and teach. The University of Oregon needs to be a welcoming, supportive and respectful community for people diverse in culture, identity, thought, perspective, and interests. 

Inclusion Strategies and Initiatives

  • Develop and engage university departments and communities in opportunities that enhance campus climate and interpersonal communication. 
  • Develop and/or enhance statements about diversity, equity, and inclusion in university and departmental communications. 
  • Work to ensure accessibility for all students as it relates to classrooms, technology, and various other university services. 
  • Incentivize university actors to make diversity and inclusion a priority. 
  • Examine the utility of exchange and visitation programs which would enhance institutional priorities and the university’s goals relative to diversity, equity, and inclusion. 
  • Better incorporate issues of equity, implicit bias, and cultural understanding in centralized and departmental human resources initiatives such as searches, onboarding, training, and exit interviews. 
  • Provide more educational opportunities for students, faculty, administrators, and staff across campus to learn more about inclusive behaviors and cultural competency. 
  • Enhance existing and, where appropriate, create new physical spaces for cultural and educational activities that promote inclusion.