Native American Heritage Month

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Utilizing Native American Heritage Month as a Tool for Culture Change 2019  
by Yvette Alex-Assensoh, Vice President, Division of Equity and Inclusion


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As we celebrate Native American Heritage Month, history is an especially pertinent subject for Oregonians. This is the first year that Oregon schools will be required to teach tribal history and life experiences as a result of 2017’s Senate Bill 13. As schools work with Oregon tribes to create curriculum, it’s important for institutions like the University of Oregon to use our platform to support these efforts towards positive culture change, both by promoting tribal history throughout the year and utilizing celebrations like NAHM in particular. Read more...


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Native American Heritage Month 2018


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Native American Heritage Month 2017 Brenda Child, Illuminating  the History of American Indian Women Tuesday | Nov 7 | 4 –5 pm 123 Global Scholars Hall, “The Question of Genocide  in American History,” with Professor Jeff Ostler Tuesday | Nov 7 | 6 –7:30 


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