CMAE welcomes new students and works to provide opportunities for community building, integration and connections to campus resources.

Black Male Alliance

The Black Male Alliance (BMA) is designed to provide personal, social and academic integration for self-identified Black Male students at the University of Oregon. Our goals are to provide an affinity space for students to meet, engage and network with other students, staff/faculty & community members for the purposes of community building, academic enrichment and professional development.


Community Connection Reception

The goal of the Community Connection Reception is to focus on community building, academic, social and personal support, and thus, this event support students by introducing them to other students, campus leadership, faculty, staff and community members here at University of Oregon.


Community of Multicultural Scholars

The Community for Multicultural Scholars is an opportunity for students to share their diverse identities, cultures, and experiences by living and learning together. 


New Student Fall Retreat

The New Student Fall Retreat (NSFR) is designed for new incoming first year and transfer students from diverse backgrounds. Our goals are to create, develope, and discover idenity and leadership skills as well as learn about many campus resources and opportunities at the University of Oregon.



The primary goal of the program is to enable each student to gain confidence with a scientific skillset which will lead to undergraduate research and professional development opportunities.


Student Leadership Team

The Student Leadership Team (SLT) is comprised of a dynamic group of students who serve as facilitators, trainers, peer educators and mentors to incoming students during and after the New Student Fall Retreat.