LACE circle with icons for love, authenticity, courage empathy

L.A.C.E. Love Authenticity Courage Empathy

It’s a page of refreshing resources and ideas focused on four values:

Love:  Leading with kindness and reacting with patience.
Authenticity: Allowing your unique essence and true self to shine through.
Courage: Moving forward in the face of fear.
Empathy: Holding space for others.

Here you will find ideas that help us to explicitly model the values we share, and resources in the form of reading materials, templates and activities focused on encouraging us to be intentional about the way that we show up as colleagues, faculty, staff, students and citizens of the world. We encourage you to try some of the activities and peruse the resources, and to let us know what you think.


L.A.C.E. Opportunities
shelves of books from the resource library at cmae
L.A.C.E. Resources
First Friday networking event for People of Color and Allies.
L.A.C.E. Care and Community
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L.A.C.E. Dinners