The term “diversity” can be defined in a number of different ways. The UO looks at it broadly and inclusively, encompassing race, ethnicity, disability, thought, culture, religion, sexual orientation, gender, and economics. The UO seeks to promote further diversity among its faculty, staff, and student body through active recruitment and intentional retention. 

Diversity Strategies and Initatives

  • Put in place national best practices for the recruitment and retention of graduate and undergraduate students with an overall aim of increasing the population of diverse students at the university. 
  • Increase and improve pathway and bridge programs for diverse students to ensure greater awareness of the UO and its opportunities as well as engagement with the UO. 
  • Examine and implement strategies to retain faculty and staff from typically underrepresented and underserved populations. 
  • Develop a network of UO employees, students, alumni, and friends to strengthen community connectivity and support diverse students, faculty, and staff as they work toward reaching personal and professional goals. 
  • Develop and implement formal and experiential learning opportunities for students and employees to acquire knowledge and skills with respect to issues of diversity. 
  • Support academic projects (e.g. research, curriculum development) on topics that lend themselves to diverse perspectives. 
  • Bring to campus scholars from diverse backgrounds to enrich academic discourse and education. 
  • Establish and support employee resource groups to enhance professional development opportunities for faculty and staff.