L.A.C.E. Opportunities

Want to L.A.C.E.* Up?
Here's how.


Below are some suggestions for how you can L.A.C.E. up in your work and your life and bring more Love, Authenticity, Courage and Empathy - L.A.C.E. - into our university.

*©Yvette Alex-Assensoh 2013 

What would it mean to live in a city where people were changing each other's despair into hope?
You yourself must change it.
What would it feel like to know your country was changing?
You yourself must change it.
Though your life felt arduous new and unmapped and strange
what would it mean to stand on the first page of the end of despair?

-- Adrienne Rich, Dreams Before Waking



  • Each day this week, write down and practice one way that you will be tender, kind and patient with yourself.

  • Reach out anonymously to someone you know and share an encouraging word or something you appreciate about them. This could include someone you know who needs a little extra encouragement right now, or someone whom you admire, someone who has made a significant impact on your life or your career. Encourage your folks in your network to complete this challenge with you.


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Four students hugging each other outside




Susan Sygall talking at accessibility workshop in classroom



  • Being authentic starts with discovering who you are deep at the core. Reflect on what you stand for, your strengths and weaknesses, your passion, and what makes you happy.  In every situation this week, practice being yourself. 

  • When you think about your own authenticity, what colors come to mind and why? How does that lens impact the way that you receive authenticity in other people and other contexts?


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  • This week, reflect on what courage is or looks like to you, and why or if it holds value for you.

  • Reflect or journal about something or someone that intimidates you or that you are fearful of. Why do you feel this way? What are ways you can be courageous and overcome this challenge internally and externally?

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Woman playing taiko drums at ADPI awards 2019



Two students doing improv going to hold each other's hands



  • Reflect on the meaning of empathy. If you were to describe the color of empathy what will it be? How do you best show empathy?

  • What are the authentic parts of yourself that you love, and that also need to mature, grow or evolve? Why is that so? Take some time this week to think about next steps. 


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