Strategies and Working Groups

Strategies and Working Groups are autonomous organizations of faculty, staff, and students from Native, Black, Latino, Asian, Desi and Pacific Islander, and white communities, respectively, that are open to people of all racial and ethnic backgrounds. The idea for all UO Strategies and Working Groups came from our Native faculty, staff, and students, who organized and modeled the organizational structure for others on campus.

Strategies groups devote time and effort to advocate for inclusive excellence, justice, and better support for students on campus and beyond.. They support and advocate for academic and professional excellence and inclusion, and enhance the UO experience through opportunities for intentional cross-campus collaborations, fostering understanding, and encouraging engagement, empowerment and justice. Each group sets its own goals and approaches.

Different organizations on and off campus support Strategy/Working Groups in a variety ways. DEI endeavors to give assistance by providing logistical, organizational, and modest financial support, as well as working to collaborate through opportunities that further the goals and the mission of the individual groups, the Division of Equity and Inclusion, and the university’s academic mission.

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Asian, Desi, & Pacific Islander Strategies Group (ADPI)

Black Strategies Group

LatinX Strategies Group

Native American Strategies Group

Deconstructing Whiteness Working Group