New Student Fall Retreat

2023-24 New Student Fall Retreaters pose and make the "O" sign with their hands.

The New Student Fall Retreat

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The New Student Fall Retreat is designed for incoming first-year and transfer students from underrepresented backgrounds. It creates an inviting space for new students to create new friendships, learn about campus resources and services while engaging with faculty and staff members.
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Jedi - SLT 24
The New Student Fall Retreat has been on the University of Oregon campus for over 30 years. It is the longest standing bridge program here at UO.
Norma Trefren, Asst. Director at the Center for Multicultural Academic Excellence

What is the New Student Fall Retreat (NSFR):

The New Student Fall retreat is a FREE three day retreat in the Fall of every new academic year. NSFR is designed for incoming first-year and transfer students from underrepresented backgrounds. This program creates an inviting space for new friendships, to learn about campus resources and services, while engaging with UO faculty and staff members.  

What does it include:

  • Free early move in to the dorms if living on-campus

  • Free parking during the retreat if living off-campus

  • Free Breakfast Lunch and Dinner while on campus for the three days of the retreat

  • Tours of across campus and local excursions in Eugene

  • Mentorship from other established University of Oregon Students

  • Connection to a diverse student services and organizations on campus

Who is the New Student Fall Retreat for:

NSFR is meant for first year and transfer students to have a comprehensive introduction to campus that encourages them to build community and engagement with their peers. NSFR is the only Bridge Program please program that allows students who do not live on campus to participate. Participants have found the retreat a great place to find community on campus and confidently start the school year.

NSFR is a great fit for students that are (but not limited to):

  • BIPOC identifying Students

  • Non-Traditional Students 

  • First Generation college Students

  • Queer and LGBTQ+ Students

  • Dreamer and DACAmented Students

What happens during the New Student Fall Retreat?

Retreaters at NSFR get to experience campus before anyone else is there. Retreaters get to be on campus early, take part in fun activities, ultimately to familiarize themselves with campus and it's resources. Activities in the past have included:

  • Private tour of Autzen Stadium

  • Workshops and activities at the Black Cultural Center and the Many Nations Longhouse

  • Scavenger Hunts Across Campus

Who organizes the retreat:

The program is lead by the professional staff of the Center for Multicultural Academic Excellence, a Center located on campus that focuses serving students form underrepresented backgrounds with holistic and comprehensive advising and support. and the The Student Leadership Team, a team of 10-12 upper class students passionate about engagement and many of which participated in NSFR as freshmen. 

The Retreat is supported by many amazing campus organizations and partners on campus including:


NSFR takes place on the University of Oregon Campus. Students that are staying in the dorms will move in early to their dorm and have all associated costs of early move-in covered by the program.

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Highlights from Previous Years Retreats

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2023 NSFR Students put up an "O' in from of Autzen Stadium
2023 NSFR Students during a private tour of Autzen Stadium
The best thing about NSFR was meeting all new people from all kinds of places other than where I am from. I got to make many friends, many of which I regularly keep in touch with and hangout with throughout the school year.
Cuauh, 2023 NSFR Student
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a NSFR Student plays foosball
2023 A NSFR Student plays Foosball in Autzen Stadium
I always look forward to the identity exercises. It's rewarding to see how we open up to one another because it shows that CMAE creates an amazing environment where we create deep connections with all retreaters and staff.
Bri, 2022 NSFR Student
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Two students play a game in Allen Hall.
2023 NSFR Students compete in games in Allen Hall
The best thing about attending NSFR was making friends and connections with the CMAE staff.
Daniel, 2023 NSFR Student
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Students do a connection activity with yarn on a green lawn
2023 NSFR Students participate in a yarn activity on the Justice Bean Quad
This opportunity set me up with a million connections and resources I continue to use on campus everyday.
Isabela, 2022 NSFR Student

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How long has the New Student Fall Retreat Been on Campus at UO?

NSFR has been at UO for over 30 years. We have one of the longest running programs on campus. 

How long is the retreat?

The retreat is three days long, with activities starting at 8:30 AM - 9:30 PM. It takes place the Sunday, Monday and Tuesday of the week before classes start. Activities begin at lunch on the first day and go until the evening of the 3rd day. There are engaging and important activities all three days. Students are required to attend all events of the retreat. 

Where do students sign up for the retreat?

Sign up is done here on the top of this page when the application is open. If the application is closed you can fill out the interest form to be added to a email list that will send you a notification when the application opens. 

Can my parents or friends come to the retreat?

Family is welcome Sunday during move-in time and for our family brunch/lunch, but asked to leave after that so we can start programing. Once you begin the retreat your family, parents, and guests are asked not to visit you. We will have a very packed schedule for the three days from 8:30 AM - 9:30 PM and downtime is meant to be spent creating relationships with other retreaters to build community. 

Where do accepted students check in when they arrive for the retreat?

Students will be able to check in from 9:00 Am - 12:00 AM at the Global Scholars Hall. 

Are meals provided? 

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner will be provided for students for no cost. There is also a welcome brunch/lunch provide for families on the first day. 

Where can parents park?

On Sunday there is free parking on campus for families. There is also parking spaces alongside Global Scholars Hall where check-in is. 

Where do off-campus students park during the retreat?

Students will be given a three-day access code to park at the Mill Race Garage.

What do I need to apply for the program?

You will need to be an enrolled UO student and planning on starting classes in the Fall. You will need you Duck I.D. number (a nine-digit number with the format: 95XXXXXXX). You will have received this number is your acceptance letter from UO. If you have questions about it you can click here for more information. 

Where can students get their printed Duck I.D. cards? 

If students have submitted their photos through the I.D. services portal at least a week prior, Students who attend the retreat will be able to pick them up at check-in at Global Scholar's Hall. If you do submit your photo beforehand your ID card will not be made and you will have to wait to pick it up when it is ready after the retreat. To upload your photo to I.D. services click here

Where will the students be staying during the retreat?

Students who attend the retreat will have early move-in access, therefore they will already be staying in their assigned dorm rooms.

Where am I staying if I am not living on campus?

If a student is living off-campus they will be returning back home at the end of the day after activities conclude for the day. We are the only bridge program on campus that allows transfer students and students not living on campus to participate. You will be provided a free three-day parking permits for the days you are at the retreat as parking permits for the term do not become active until the following week. 

What do students need to bring?

We do not require students bring anything to the retreat. We wan them to bring their excitement, engagement, and willingness to participate in the program. 

Can I participate if I am a international exchange student?

Unfortunately international exchange students must attend international introduction which is during the same dates at the retreat. You cannot come to only apart of the retreat and will need to stay with your introduction group so you are not able to apply for NSFR.

Who is SLT?

SLT stands for the Student Leadership Team, a diverse team of 10 established UO students who help design, coordinate, and support the New Student Fall Retreat. SLTers serve as facilitators, peer mentors, to incoming students. They pick and plan activities for the retreat and lead breakout groups from the retreat in team building and group games.  SLTers participate in 10 weeks of diversity and inclusion training in the Spring of every school year. During training SLTers listen to seminars on how to be better, more inclusive leaders by campus partners like the The Holden Leadership center and the UO Counseling Center. SLTers are students that are engaged on campus in a myriad of campus clubs, and extracurriculars that engage their communities and interests. Many are also former New Student Retreaters! All New Student Fall Retreaters are encouraged to apply to be on the Student Leadership Team their next year at UO. 

What are the expectations for Retreaters?

We want the retreaters to be themselves and to have fun at the retreat. We expect Retreaters to stay respectful and attentive staff and to by timely when attending all activities. We want maintain a non-judgmental environment for staff and peers. Participation and enthusiasm is greatly appreciated and helpful to make the retreat more memorable. We ask that students abide by the UO's Code of conduct . If any student(s) violate those policies or exhibit any contribution to an environment that creates discrimination they will be removed from the retreat and appropriate UO offices will be informed if disciplinary action must be taken. 

What if I have a concerns about accessibility for myself or my student?

Please reach out to us if you have any concerns about an accessibility issue. The CMAE is very concerned with making the Retreat inclusive and rewarding for all students. We can develop accommodations depending on your needs. Contact info is below.

Where can we find contact information?

If you have any question or concerns about the retreat please send us an email us at or give us a call at (541) 346-3479.    Back to Top