Oregon Young Scholars Program

Participants in OYSP are chosen from the eighth grade classes of several schools in Portland and Eugene-Springfield that serve students who are most underserved in higher education. The program focuses on providing this opportunity to students of color, students from homes with limited incomes, and students who are the first in their families to be college bound.

Each summer, OYSP brings these rising freshman, together with returning Young Scholars, for a summer on-campus residential experience. These Oregon high school students come to campus to start thinking about and working toward a college education. They attend intensive classes in math and writing, and participate in an area of emphasis for specialized study, particularly in the disciplinary areas of STEM and fine arts. During this on-campus experience, students learn how to prepare for, apply to, and pay for college. Scholars also learn important skills in civic engagement, active reflection, and leadership. 

Powerful and empowering

Beyond achieving a college degree, OYSP prepares participants to be active members of their communities, ready to assume leadership roles in co-constructing a quality life for themselves, their neighbors and their peers.

The goals of the Oregon Young Scholars Program encompass ideas of building, expanding and stretching. They are:

  1. To develop and challenge the academic skills and college preparation of historically underrepresented students;
  2. To increase interest in college and the enrollment of African-American, Asian, Pacific Islander, Hispanic and Native American students, needs-based students, and other underrepresented students at the University of Oregon, and other colleges and universities;
  3. To build a cadre of young scholars who will participate in academic, social, community and cultural activities that increase their ability to flourish in an educational setting, improve study and analytical skills across the disciplines of writing, arts and sciences, and apply new lessons to their lives;
  4. To increase the interest of parents/families in higher education and encourage increased communication with teachers and administrators;
  5. To promote active civic engagement through volunteer experiences and lifelong learning;
  6. To foster a sense of community that is safe and accountable. 

The world of business has long recognized that the establishment of “project communities,” defined by team cooperation, leadership, cross-cultural understanding and a recognition of and appreciation for the diversity of perspectives, best informs successful outcomes. OYSP is organized around a cohort model, where such group collaborations are acknowledged as successful and invaluable in teaching critical skills. Given rapidly changing national demographics and our inextricable relationship as part of a global village, these mentored, on-campus cohort experiences will be invaluable to these Young Scholars as they pursue their future.


2018 OYSP Application Available in Spring

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