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The L.A.C.E.- hearted Way: Moving from Panic to Purpose in Online Classroom

Division of Equity and Inclusion
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As faculty, many of us are on a forced journey of teaching remotely and online in unprecedented times. For some, this is our first foray into the online world, but even if it is not, most of us have never taught with uncertainty, panic and grief as our constant companions and competitors.

All across the world, educators are mourning the normalcy of our lives and the certainty that, in reality, has always been an illusion.  We are grieving our friends and loved ones taken by coronavirus as we bid them goodbye from afar. While better days are certainly coming, getting there means journeying through a pathway lined with grief, loss and pain.

Yet, as we journey alongside the avenues and curves of uncertainty, pain and death, footprints of those who have traveled before us inspire us to move forward. At our own comfortable paces and in partnership with our students, journeying in the L.A.C.E.-hearted way of love, authenticity, courage and empathy, offers an opportunity to shift our perspectives from panic to purpose.

Using the L.A.C.E. Framework as our compass, this page serves as a complement to the resources offered by the Office of the Provost and also our Teaching Engagement Program.

The purpose of the page this to encourage faculty to show up in ways that are loving, authentic, courageous and empathetic. As you do so, we encourage you to share your thoughts and insights on what is working via this qualtrics link. For more information on the L.A.C.E. framework and how faculty can use it to embolden and empower their teaching, please click here. Below are resources that facilitate community building and engagement with students in ways that spark and sustain life-long learning.

What is the L.A.C.E. Framework and how it can be used in the classroom

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