Office of the Vice President for Equity and Inclusion (VPEI)

The Office of the Vice President for Equity and Inclusion promotes inclusive excellence by working to ensure equitable access to opportunities, benefits, and resources and through engagement with the campus and the community.

    DEI All Staff Meeting 2017

    DEI Staff Breakfast 2017

    VPEI Retreat March 2018

    VPEI work includes:

    • Leadership and coordination for UO diversity
    • Facilitation and implementation of IDEAL Framework through campus-wide Diversity Action Plans
    • Coaching for academic and administrative leadership
    • Counseling for faculty and graduate students
    • Professional development workshops
    • Assistance with tenure and promotion dossiers
    • Research and reports on diversity Issues
    • Partnerships with UO schools and colleges and other educational institutions to promote equity and inclusion
    • Partnerships with civic and community groups across the city and state to accomplish goals of mutual significance and advance the university’s mission