Staff Professional Development Grants

Eligible staff may receive as much as $1,200 per academic year to cover expenses related to professional development consistent with the goals of the IDEAL framework.


The purpose of the professional development grant is to provide UO staff with the opportunity to develop skills that facilitate the institutionalization of equity, inclusion and diversity on campus. This includes attending a conference for the purpose of learning new skills, completing online course work, developing training expertise or honing existing skills in support of equity, inclusion and diversity. In some cases, the grant may also support the presentation of outstanding work done on campus to a professional organization. The conference must be a recognized organized conference or professional meeting. Attending a professional meeting alone does not qualify unless the conference provides specific opportunities that advance the staff person’s skills around issues of equity, inclusion and diversity. All approved funds will be provided as reimbursements after staff member attends  professional development event.


All classified and unclassified staff are eligible to apply for funding once every three years. Up to 5 awards will be provided annually. A letter of support from the supervisor of the applying staff member, affirming that this professional development event is in line with the department’s equity, inclusion and diversity goals.

  1. Applications may be submitted for travel, training and participation at professional meetings, training conferences, and other activities of direct benefit to the individual's University of Oregon-related professional development as it relates to the advancement of the IDEAL framework.
  2. To be eligible, staff must have worked a minimum of 1000 hours during the previous 12 months as well as working full time during the year in which they are applying. Applicants are also expected to continue their commitments to the UO for at least one year after receiving a grant. Required letter from supervisor should speak to eligibility.
  3. Application deadlines are October 1, February 1 or April 1(or the first Monday of the month if the 1st falls on a Saturday or Sunday). Proposals for retroactive funding of summer activities which could not have been anticipated by the April deadline may be submitted at the October round, but consideration of such funding will be at the discretion of the committee, which cannot guarantee reimbursement of these expenses.
  4. Where appropriate, lodging may be reimbursed up to its actual cost. Per diem rates vary by location. For current rates for your travel destination consult the UO travel office.
  5. Where appropriate, travel costs should not exceed the least expensive direct air fare to one's destination(s), compatible with the proposed schedule of activities.
  6. A grant is to be used within one year, unless an extension is requested and granted by the Selection Committee. After that deadline, unused funds will revert to DEI.
  7. Equipment purchased with grant funds is the property of UO.
  8. Where appropriate, awardees should provide to the Office of the Vice President for Equity and Inclusion copies of whatever publications or training materials obtained from the conference or professional development opportunity.
  9. Award recipients should report on the impact of their attendance in a 1-2 page report within 60 days of the professional development opportunity.

Allowable Expenses

The usual rules for UO travel apply. A short summary of these rules is presented below, but refer to your travel officer for specific questions.

  • Airfare — Normal restrictions
  • Taxis — Receipts not needed for taxis within city, but required between cities
  • Lodging & Meals — Limited to actual costs (single occupancy rate)
  • Personal Mileage — 

Extra Dependent Care Expenses

Staff may claim extra dependent care expenses incurred because of the travel, subject to the $1,200 total limit. The staff member must sign a document affirming the added expenses due to travel, above and beyond normal dependent expenses. These expenses will be paid as a taxable reimbursement.

Application Deadlines

Application deadlines are October 1, February 1 or April 1 (or the first Monday of the month if the 1st falls on a Saturday or Sunday). Submit applications to with the title Staff Professional Development Grant.