IDEAL Framework Diversity Action Plan Implementation Grants

IDEAL Framework Diversity Action Plan Implementation Grants help with pilot or seeding funds for strategies and tactics specifically found in the
Diversity Action Plans of schools and units.

Activating the IDEAL Framework


Projects Funded Spring 2019

  • American English Institute: “English Language Courses for UO Employees with Minimal English”

  • Clark Honors College: “Expanding Undergraduate Research Opportunities”

  • College of Education: “COE Professional Learning Communities in Equity”

  • Comparative Literature: “Workshop on Teaching & Mentoring Underrepresented Students”

  • Office of the Dean of Students: “2019 First Generation Student Reception”

  • Division of Global Engagement: “Faculty Training to Support Diverse Student Communities while Abroad”


Projects Funded in February 2019

  • BEOREGON partnership with Allen Hall Advertising: marketing campaign to increase awareness of BEOREGON. The BEOREGON initiative is a call to action for inclusion and acceptance in sports.

  • Cinema Studies:  "Cinema Studies Undergraduate Filmmaker Scholarship" -- a need-based scholarship recognizing exceptional student work that advances diversity and inclusion in Cinema Studies.      

  • CMiS: Communities for Minorities in STEM and LGBT+ in STEM:  "Rehearsals for [Communication]: A Workshop Series" -- Three-workshop series aimed at training UO community members in best practices for respectful and effective interpersonal relationships.

  • College of Design:  “Justice and Equity Design Initiative (JEDI)”  -- support and highlight research by faculty of color and other faculty research that focuses on racial justice and equity issues within the design discipline.

  • College of Education: create a students of underrepresented cultures and ethnicities group – SOURCE, including providing a physical space for the group.

  • Department of Physical Education and Recreation: send UO Unified Basketball team to the NIRSA – National Intramural-Recreational Sports Association – Regional VI tournament. Unified sports joins students on college campuses with those with intellectual disabilities.

  • Graduate School: create an inclusion, diversity, and equity academy certificate program focusing on systems of oppression and the ways these systems are maintained by social structures.

  • Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art: “Hank Willis Thomas: Exploring Identity, Empowering Communities" -- artist visit. Thomas is a conceptual artist working primarily with themes related to perspective identity, commodity, media, and popular culture.

  • Oregon Bach Festival, School of Music and Dance and DanceAbility: “Bach in Motion,” interdisciplinary and transformational work connecting people with and without disabilities through dance and movement.

  • UO Libraries:  "Our Impact in Images: A Touring Pictorial Exhibit on the UO’s Diverse History and Community."


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