Division of Equity and Inclusion Leadership Team Statement

University of Oregon
Division of Equity and Inclusion Leadership Team

Values, Vision and Purpose Statement

بالعربية  —  قسم تحقيق الإنصاف وفريق القيادة من أجل تحقيق الشمول  

中文(简体)- 公平与包容部领导团队 

En français — Équipe de direction de la Division de l’équité et de l’inclusion (DEI)

En español — Equipo de liderazgo de la División de Equidad e Inclusión 

Kwa kiswahili — Kitengo cha Timu ya Uongozi wa Usawa na Ushirikishaji

Below, please find a statement about who we are, our team’s collective vision for the work that we do as DEI professionals and the purposes that animate our work and collective thinking. This statement is a reflection of personal values as we intend to actualize them in our professional capacities.


We are a caring and creative team who work to nurture relationships, build institutional capacity for transformative change, and inspire acts of love, authenticity, courage, empathy, brilliance and justice at the University of Oregon.


We envision a University of Oregon community where achievement and recognition are emancipated from belonging to a few and is universally accessible to all;

Where truth telling in our research, teaching, service and policymaking gives way to repair and ongoing acts of self-determination as well as community building;

Where individual transformation is inextricably linked with healthy relationships and equitable institutional systems, structures, policies and practices;

Where every student is valued for the brilliance and humanity that they bring, and with whom we work to enhance a multicultural sophistication that sharpens students’ abilities to contribute justly on a global stage.

Where the work of institutional transformation is actively engaged by all, but especially led and resourced by those who are most empowered — formally and informally — to drive change, and

Where the lived experiences of groups who are marginalized are sought out, valued and incorporated to drive deep, sustainable change, but are not burdened with providing the labor for the work.


Our purpose is to facilitate liberation for individuals, organizations and communities from systems, policies and mindsets that limit and obscure. We seek to catalyze innovation, balance and a commitment to equity through scholarship, teaching, creative activity and engagement. In service to the academic mission and justice, we acknowledge and seek to repair institutional and systemic wrongs.

Yvette, Charlotte, Kelly, Lesley-Anne, Rosa, and Tracy
Fall 2021

Dr. Yvette Alex-Assensoh, Vice President for Equity and Inclusion

Tracy Bars, Special Assistant to the VP and HR Partner

Rosa Chavez, Director, Center for Multicultural Academic Excellence

Dr. Charlotte Moats-Gallagher , Assistant Vice President and CoDaC Director

Kelly Pembleton, Assistant Vice President and Chief of Staff 

Dr. Lesley-Anne Pittard, Assistant Vice President for Campus and Community Engagement