Meet the Office of the Vice President for Equity and Inclusion Staff


Staff of Office of Vice President for Equity and Inclusion

    Location: 1 Johnson Hall, 1098 E. 13th Ave
    Mailing Address: 6216 University of Oregon, Eugene, OR 97403-6216

    Dr. Yvette Alex Assensoh
    Vice President for Equity and Inclusion  | 541-346-3175
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    Dr. Lesley-Anne Pittard
    Assistant Vice President for Campus and Community Engagement | 541-346-9355
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    Dr. Victoria DeRose
    Associate Vice President, Divsion of Equity & Inclusion
    Director, Center on Diversity and Community (CoDaC) | 541-346 -3568
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    Kelly Pembleton
    Chief of Staff | 541-346-5372
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    Rafael Lopez
    Programs Manager | 541-346-3212
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    tova stabin
    Communication Specialist
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    Samantha Zysett
    Executive Assistant to the Vice President | 541-346-9170
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    Jennifer Burton
    Operations Manager, DEI
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    Tracy Bars 
    Program Associate  
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    Angeli Brooks
    Administrative Assistant | 541-346-5180
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    Pooria Manoochehri
    Programming Coordinator GE | 541-346-5265
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    Carina Garcia
    Student Office Assistant
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    Brandi Wells
    Student Office Assistant

    Raquel Ortega
    Student Communications Design Assistant

    Jasmine Jackson
    Student Communications Photographer/Videographer Assistant