The IDEAL Framework

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UWDC 2016

Inclusion. Diversity. Evaluation. Achievement. Leadership.

Diversity, equity and inclusion are integral components of each of the university’s priorities:

  • Building tenure-related faculty and promoting academic research.
  • Ensuring affordability, access and success for students.
  • Delivering a rich, excellent educational experience for students in an inclusive and diverse environment.

Additionally, the UO has three specific priorities within the area of diversity, equity and inclusion, goals supporting and enhancing university priorities:

  • Creating more robust bridges for diverse students to enter the UO
  • Increasing diversity and equity among faculty, staff, administrators, and students
  • Creating a more inclusive and welcoming campus environment for all faculty, staff, and students. 

The Vice President for Equity and Inclusion in collaboration with the University-Wide Diversity Committee (UWDC) established an overarching framework, adopted in 2016, through which the UO community can pursue diversity and inclusion. This 'IDEAL Framework” contains five key pillars: Inclusion, Diversity, Evaluation, Achievement, and Leadership.

The IDEAL framework is meant to guide decisions, debates, and actions across the entire university and through the leadership of the Division of Equity, Inclusion and Diversity, the UO intends to have a coordinated approach to executing strategies of the IDEAL Framework.

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