Week of Writing

Faculty Week of Writing (WoW)

Come back this winter to find out when the next Week of Writing is scheduled.

All UO faculty are warmly invited to sign up for UO's third WoW offered by the Center on Diversity and Community Faculty Writing Circle program. 

This virtual, asynchronous writing retreat helps faculty jump-start their summer research and writing in a supportive environment.

  • Faculty are placed in small groups with peers who have similar amounts of available daily writing time during the week and similar preferences for contact. Faculty who wish to work solo can do so.

  • All participants receive guidance on how to plan not just for a transformative week of writing, but for an entire summer in which they plan and accomplish their writing and research goals while recharging after an extremely difficult year. 

  • Start by planning your week (we'll offer suggestions for how), then as WoW begins, write daily in the time you have available, while we give you ideas to make your writing practice productive and contented.

  • Mike Murashige, CoDaC’s writing consultant will offer daily optional webinars on writing, covering subjects such as “Making Arguments” and “Procrastination and Writing Resistance.”

  • All participants get a book on writing or a gift certificate to a local Black-owned business.

  • The week also features activities designed to reward your hard work, [text here about the outdoor events – yoga/bird-watching].

For further info contact: Lara Bovilsky