CoDaC Cooperative Learning Workshop Series

Mark J. Van Ryzin, UO Associate Professor of College of Education, will be joined by colleagues from around the University to lead an introductory seminar followed by three virtual workshops to help you apply small-group instructional techniques in your virtual and in-person classrooms.  

Known as cooperative or peer learning, these techniques represent an engaging,  inclusive teaching method that, when properly applied, can enhance peer  relations and reduce bias and prejudice. 

Introductory Seminar: Cooperative Learning 
Tuesday March 16, 2021, 11am-12pm 

In the initial seminar Dr. Van Ryzin will present theory and research findings supporting cooperative or peer learning. He will be joined by UO faculty members who are currently applying cooperative learning concepts in their own teaching, as well as some of their students.   
What is cooperative learning?   

Cooperative learning is a group-based approach to instruction that promotes greater student motivation and achievement. In contrast to a simple breakout room discussion, however, cooperative learning specifies a series of design considerations that create a space for equitable, productive social interaction around academic topics. 
How can it benefit students?   

By processing lesson content in small groups and teaching/learning together, students have demonstrated greater enjoyment and deeper processing, resulting in improved academic outcomes. These findings have extended from kindergarten to graduate school. At the same time, cooperative learning has also demonstrated many social benefits. Students working in cooperative groups get to know one another in a way that is much deeper than the standard superficial social contact, and research exists supporting the ability of cooperative learning to enhance peer relations and reduce racial bias and prejudice. 
How can I learn more?   

Attend the introductory seminar on Tuesday, March 16, 11am-12pm and one or more of the subsequent workshops where the details of cooperative learning theory and implementation will be explored in more detail. Techniques for both in-person and virtual instruction will be included. The 3-part workshop series will be accompanied by individual consults and coaching with participating faculty as needed. 
Workshop #1:  Basics of Cooperative Learning and Implementation Examples 
Fri April 2, 12:30-2pm 

Brief description: This workshop will provide an overview of theory and implementation. The workshop will be structured using a particular type of cooperative lesson, which serves as an experiential example to assist instructors in applying these concepts to their own teaching. 
Workshop #2: More In-Depth Concepts and Examples 
Fri April 16, 12:30-2pm 

Brief description: This workshop will review concepts and encourage attendees to share experiences from their own classrooms. We will learn more implementation examples in an experiential manner.  
Workshop #3: Additional Concepts, Tips, and Examples 
Fri April 30, 12:30-2pm 

Brief description: We will review concepts and encourage attendees to share experiences and will discuss technology support for cooperative learning beyond standard videoconferencing tools, i.e., Zoom.  
Zoom links will be emailed the week before the event. All workshops will be recorded for benefit of those who cannot attend. 
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