The IDEAL Framework and Diversity Action Plan Timeline



March 2019 - #DAPTalk Lunch Session: Tools for Inclusive Communication
February 2019 - Ten IDEAL Framework Diversity Action Plan Implementation Grants Awarded
February 2019 - #DAPTalk Lunch Session: Tools for Building an Inclusive Environment


November  2018 - #DAPTalks Lunch Session: How to Support an Inclusive Community in your Unit
March 2018 - President & Provost share priorities with Campus
February 2018 - President & Provost meet to discuss overarching priorities. 
January 2018 - President IDEAL Status to Deans' Council 
January 2018 - Revised DAPs posted on DEI's website 


December 2017 - Revised academic DAPs due 
October 2017 - Working Groups Evaluate 7 Themes for Campus-Wide Coordination & make Recommendations (continues through May 2018)
September 2017 - Revised administrative DAPs due
July 2017 - Unit leaders revise DAPs with the participation of their community members (continues through September) 
June 2017 -Review Teams and DEI Leadership meet with units (continues through summer and into September)
May 2017- Review teams begin review DAPs 
April 2017 - DEI review of unit DAPs begins 
February 2017 - Thirty-five units submit draft plans 


November 2016 - President Schill and former-Provost Coltrane call for units to create Diversity Action Plans (DAPs) within 90-days
October 2016 - IDEAL Framework is presented to the UO Senate for feedback and input; campus feedback and input are used to refine the IDEAL Framework; president approves the IDEAL Framework and shares it with campus
September 2016 - Unit leaders engage their community members in the creation of their DAP (continues through February)


May 2015 - President Schill meets with UWDC; VPEI presents to Board of Trustees about IDEAL and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at the UO


 October 2014 - UWDC drafts plan and gets feedback from campus stakeholders. 
May 2014 - University-Wide Diversity Committee (UWDC) is formed and begins work


 October 2013 - Listening tour and campus-cum-community gatherings to solicit ideas for the Diversity Plan