George and Vera Fracchia & Carla Gary Scholarship

Scholarship Purpose

The Fracchia/Gary Scholarship was created to provide financial assistance to one or more underrepresented undergraduate students enrolled at the University of Oregon, and to thereby support the university’s commitment to diversity.

This scholarship was established by Professor Emeritus of History, Joseph Fracchia:

“In honor of “my parents George and Vera Fracchia, for the love, generosity and security that gave me the opportunity to do so many things that they, whose lives were filled with making a living and caring for their family, were never able to do – who made it possible for me, among many other things, to get the education that enabled me to get a job as professor in the Clark Honors College, that, in turn, has made this scholarship possible.

And for Carla Gary for her invaluable contributions to teaching and mentoring socio-economically disadvantaged students, for conceiving and building programs (most notably the Oregon Young Scholars Program) to assist them, and that have had a profound impact on the University of Oregon, the state of Oregon, and across the country; and also for the great pleasure of several times co-teaching with her the Honors College Colloquium with a long title that the students reduced to the essentials, calling it ‘The Race and Class Class’.

Each spring at least one Oregon Young Scholar Program (OYSP) student will be selected to receive this scholarship award to assist the recipient(s) with expenses related to attending the university including, but not limited to, tuition, fees, books, miscellaneous supplies, room, and board.

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