Student Leadership Team

The Student Leadership Team (SLT) is comprised of a dynamic group of students who serve as facilitators, trainers, peer educators and mentors to incoming students during and after the New Student Fall Retreat. The SLT take part in a ten-week intense diversity training during the spring term prior to fall retreat. During this time, student leaders learn about their identity and leadership development, fostering difficult conversations,  and leading incoming students in the fall. They also have a direct role in planning the New Student Fall Retreat.

If you are interested in joining the Student Leadership Team, look out for applications come winter term or email Jeffery Hall (

2017-2018 SLT

Andrea Torres-Hurtado
Hometown: Salem, Oregon.
Major: FHS and Spanish.
Professional Goals: "My professional goal is to become a better leader and to gain more experience."  
What I enjoy most about being a Student Leadership Team Member: "Being a part of something that inpacts others in a positive way and I get to work with amazing people."
Activities I am involved with: Events and Activities Representative of Carson hall.
Fun Fact: "I can talk like Blue from Blue's Clues."

Angela Zhu
Hometown: Portland, Oregon.
Major: Business Administration - Finance.
Minor: Japanese.
Professional Goals: "I hope to work abroad in Japan or East Asia!"
What I enjoy most about being a Student Leadership Team Member: "I'm able to give back to the people that helped shape my entire college experience." 
Activities I am involved with: ASUO, APASU, LCB Advising.
Fun Fact: "I love food."

Christopher Tello
Hometown: Sutherlin, Oregon.
Major: Geography.
Professional Goals: Work in environmental resource management.
What I enjoy most about being a Student Leadership Team Member: The best thing about being an SLT member is that I'll get to help incoming students as they transition to a new campus and I'll also be able to gain knowledge from all our different experiences.
Activities I am involved with: MEChA.
Fun Fact: "I am an ordained minister in the state of Oregon." 


Dilene Soto
Hometown: Los Angeles, California.
Major: General Social Science/Spanish Concentration: Applied Economics, Business, and Society. 
Professional Goals: I hope to work in the sports industry for a sponsorship corporation in their community outreach/marketing department. 
What I enjoy most about being a Student Leadership Team Member: Serving as a mentor for students, I want to make sure students have a smooth transition to the University of Oregon. The best part is making a difference in the community in the smallest way. 
Activities I am involved with: Warsaw Sports Business Club, Multicultural Recruiter Student Ambassador, Career, Ambassador for the Lundquist College of Business, MEChA
Fun Fact: I have the cutest four-year old brother in the world!

Lucinda Amrbiz
Hometown: Chino, California.
Major: Psychology.
Minor: Spanish/Business.
Professional Goals: School psychologist or doing research. 
What I enjoy most about being a Student Leadership Team Member: "Meeting all of the new people and building new friendships on the retreat."
Activities I am involved with: Tarea Time
Fun Fact: I met Kobe Bryant this last summer at one of my brother's soccer tournaments..

Manuella Tshala
Hometown: Beaverton, Oregon.
Major: International Studies. 
Minor: Writing, Public Speaking, and Critical Reasoning.
Professional Goals: "I want to work for an NGO or the UN one day, Hopefully dealing with human rights issues around the world."
What I enjoy most about being a Student Leadership Team Member: "The best part about being part of the SLT is being able to be there for students, especially first-year students, because I know how difficult it can be to get used to the college atmosphere in the beginning."
Activities I am involved with: CMAE Peer Advisor, Board member for Lane County's Citizen Review Board, and volunteer for FREX Food for Lane County. 
Fun Fact: "I was born in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and my first language is French!"

Robyn Wright
Hometown: Highland, California.
Major: Human Physiology.
Minor: Spanish.
Professional Goals: Reconstructive Plastic Surgeon & missionary work.
What I enjoy most about being a Student Leadership Team Member: "Being a friend and a source of support to incoming students & having fun with other SLT members."
Activities I am involved with: Multicultural Scholars ARC, Club Softball, MAPS, IMPACT, WOC Coalition, UO Alumni Association. 
Fun Fact: "I basically live in color-matching sweats and hoodies."

Savannah Kan
Hometown: South Pasadina, California.
Major: Journalism; Public Relations. 
Minor: Psychology.
Professional Goals: .
What I enjoy most about being a Student Leadership Team Member: "Getting to know all the people that I probably would not have otherwise met, and making sure that everyone feels welcome to the community at the University of Oregon."
Activities I am involved with: Alpha Phi Omega, co-ed service fraternity, APASU, Kultura Pilipinas, IMPACT.
Fun Fact: "My dog will go get his leash if you tell him to. :)"

Sergio Sanchez
Hometown: Santa Ana, California.
Major: Human  Physiology.
Professional Goals: I wish to one day have my own Physical Therapy for athletes, especially for those athletes who can't afford the cost of a physical therapist. 
What I enjoy most about being a Student Leadership Team Member: "Meeting new people and the new opportunities that will arise with this group."
Activities I am involved with: Student Leadership Member. Enjoy playing sports such as soccer, basketball, running, handball, boxing, and plenty of others. 
Fun Fact: "Enjoy doing graffiti and murals whenever I have the chance to."

Tre'von Robinson
Hometown: Long Beach, California.
Major: Spanish/Latin America Studies.
Professional Goals: Spanish teacher.
What I enjoy most about being a Student Leadership Team Member: I enjoy getting to meet new people and welcome the incoming students to the University of Oregon.
Activities I am involved with: I am involved in Residence Hall Association, Multicultural Greek Life, CMAE Diversity Excellence Scholars, Spanish Immersion in Global Scholars Hall, and IMPACT. 
Fun Fact: "I have never traveled outside of the United States but I plan to travel hopefully to Spain after my junior year."


2014-2015 SLT

Michelle Chun
Vivian Hsieh
Brian Mcree
Sheshank Mageshwar
Comfort Quaye
Rebecca Falleur
Eva Murtaugh
Gabriela Saldana
Jose Luis Zamora

2015-2016 SLT

Andrianna Roberts
Brian McRee
Keesha Wallace
Miaka Nix
Phillip Pham
Rebecca Fauller
Romario Bautista
Samantha Berguin
Vanessa Santillan-Nieto

2016-2017 SLT

Briana Forbes-Baker
Aimée C. Marquez
Vanessa Santillan-Nieto
Wendy Trujillo Gomez
Elirissa Hui
Abe Vega
Yasi Milani
Naily Yanin Nevárez Magaña
Molly Schuster
Luis Sevilla
Natalia Narh
Anna Hoffer
Yomaira Tarula
Phillip Pham
Gabriela Saldana-Lopez