L.A.C.E Opportunities - Empathy

Fall New Student Retreat

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Opportunities listed here were generated from colleagues in the Division of Equity and Inclusion, with inspiration from these sources: Red Cape Revolution, Forbes, Lavender Vines, Love Becomes Her


  1. Relfect on the meaning of empathy. If you were to describe the color of empathy what will it be? How do you best show empathy?

  2. Ask for feedback about your relationship skills (e.g., listening) from family, friends, and colleagues—and then check in with them periodically to see how you are doing.

  3. Implicit biases can limit our empathy for others. Take one or more implicit bias tests at the Harvard Project Implicit web site to learn more about your implicit biases. Reflect on the work that you will do to redress them so that you can be more aware of the ways in which they influence your behavior and decision-making.


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