L.A.C.E Opportunities - Love

Four students hugging each other outside

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Opportunities listed here were generated from colleagues in the Division of Equity and Inclusion, with inspiration from these sources:: Red Cape Revolution, Forbes, Lavender Vines, Love Becomes Her

  1. Each day this week, write down and practice one way that you will be tender, kind and patient with yourself.

  2. Reach out anonymously to someone you know and share an encouraging word or something you appreciate about them. This could include someone you know who needs a little extra encouragement right now, or someone whom you admire, someone who has made a significant impact on your life or your career. Encourage your folks in your network to complete this challenge with you.

  3. Reflect or journal on what LOVE means or looks like to you – both giving and receiving love. Note when or how you feel most valued. 

  4. For one full week, only use “upbeat” emoji’s.

  5. Take the Love Languages Assessment Test

    • Reflect on what you learn.

    • Make a plan to improve challenging areas.

    • Lean into your strengths.

  6. Assume the best in every situation this week – journal about your experience. When in doubt about intentions of others, turn your assumption into sincere questions. What did it change in the interactions, what did it change in yourself?

  7. This week, spend quality time with someone you love in ways that they appreciate and consider appropriate.

  8. Each day this week, call or text someone you haven’t heard from in the last month.

  9. Talk with someone close to you about how/what Love means to them, and how/when they feel most valued or the times when they are receiving love from you. This activity could be a group activity with your colleagues, team, or family.

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  1. Take the 7-day love awareness social media challenge. Each day look for a visible act of love demonstrated around you and post about it.

  2. Find an image or song that best encompasses your definition of love and share it on social media.

  3. Find a quote about Love that inspires you and share it to your friends/family/social media.

  4. Make a gratitude list

    • Post it somewhere visible to you.

    • Share it on your social media pages.

  5. Consider forgiving someone who has hurt or wounded you.

  6. Love yourself each day this week by being creative: Draw, Paint, Photograph, Write, Sculpt, Design a Depiction of Love

  7. Pick one day this week where you vow to think and say positive things about yourself, others and your circumstance all day long.

  8. Journal about the top 5 reasons you love your spouse, significant other, children, friend or a family member.

  9. Take time this week to journal about 10 things you love about yourself and, if appropriate, share it with someone else.

Please share with us your successes and challenges with these activities here.

  1. Take time this week to share with your supervisor and/or team members, five things that you value about them.

  2. Post a picture to social media of someone or something that makes you feel loved or valued.

  3. Love yourself this week: Do something that makes you feel refreshed or relaxed and journal about the experience.

  4. Read a book about love.

  5. Donate to a charity you feel strongly about

  6. Practice loving yourself by making healthy food choices and exercising.

  7. This week, write down three things daily that you are proud of doing or being.

  8. Dedicate one day in the week to connect with each of the people who are special to you. Think of specific things you can highlight for them.

  9. Listen more than you talk this week – be an active listener.

How did you do with these activities? Let us know here.