DEI Student Job & Internship Opportunities

The Division of Equity and Inclusion has numbers of paid student jobs and internships available that address issues of diversity, equity and inclusion. Each year, there are numbers of positions available requiring a wide variety of skills and experiences. While most positions are availabe at the start of the year and last for a year, check back often, as new jobs or internships may be posted throughout the year year

There are currently no open paid positions. Please check back again in the future or consider internship opportunities.

Leadership Enrichment Internship (LEI)

The Leadership Enrichment Internship (LEI) is a paid mentored internship experience enhanced with professional development, career advisement, networking opportunities and real-life experience for students with diverse academic interests whose backgrounds are currently underrepresented in such careers.

Student responsibilities will include: Attend LEI cohort meetings for collaborative professional development and networking opportunities (meetings are paid work hours); meet with your internship sponsor (employer) to jointly determine the content and structure of work placement and responsibilities.


SAIL Virtual Summer Counselors

Summer Academy to Inspire Learning (SAIL) Program 

The Summer Academy to Inspire Learning (SAIL) is an innovative pre-college program that serves high school students from underrepresented backgrounds, which include lower income and/or first-generation college students, with the aim of encouraging students to enroll and succeed in college through early exposure and exploration. SAIL is searching for motivated individuals with a passion for working with youth by being a leader and providing mentorship.  

In response to COVID-19, and in alignment with our health department, the University of Oregon Summer Academy to Inspire Learning (SAIL) summer programs have transformed from our on-campus sessions to virtual experiences that combine both college academics and social engagement activities.  As part of the SAIL Pre-College program, students will immerse themselves in interactive and engaging college-like experiences designed to prepare them for college. Students will register for a Flight Path, a group of interdisciplinary academic classes, to enhance the student exploration of varied fields of study offered in college settings. The Flight Paths are designed to simulate the experience of a first-year student attending the University of Oregon and include both required and elective options. 

Position Description: SAIL Virtual Summer Counselor  

Supervision, mentoring, and engagement of high school students during the Virtual SAIL summer programs. Responsibilities include: engaging and talking with students about goal-setting and the benefits of higher education through discussion and role-modeling, monitoring virtual classrooms and small-group breakout sessions, establishing a comfortable and inclusive group dynamic, facilitating initiative and team-building games and activities, virtual safety awareness, classroom management, monitoring attendance, keeping the administrative staff informed of all concerns, working as a team player, and completing tasks as assigned. SAIL Virtual Summer Counselors serve as role models, mentors, and are the primary supervisor of students through all daily activities. In addition to student management, Counselors will work collaboratively with their Flight Path faculty, which could include program development, student evaluation, and virtual classroom management. 

Check out the application here with more information on job duties, qualifications, and schedule. 

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