DEI Student Job & Internship Opportunities

The Division of Equity and Inclusion has numbers of paid student jobs and internships available that address issues of diversity, equity and inclusion. Each year, there are numbers of positions available requiring a wide variety of skills and experiences. While most positions are availabe at the start of the year and last for a year, check back often, as new jobs or internships may be posted throughout the year year

Leadership Enrichment Internship (LEI)

The Leadership Enrichment Internship (LEI) is a paid mentored internship experience enhanced with professional development, career advisement, networking opportunities and real-life experience for students with diverse academic interests whose backgrounds are currently underrepresented in such careers.

Student responsibilities will include: Attend LEI cohort meetings for collaborative professional development and networking opportunities (meetings are paid work hours); meet with your internship sponsor (employer) to jointly determine the content and structure of work placement and responsibilities.