Search Advocacy Program

What is a Search Advocate?

Search Advocacy is one active recruitment tool that can be used in both faculty and staff searches. A Search Advocate is a consultant/participant who advances inclusive excellence by asking questions to help search committee members:

  • Test their thinking
  • Identify and promote practices that advance diversity and social justice
  • Minimizing the impacts of cognitive and structural biases. 

The Search Advocate training curriculum prepares faculty and staff to serve as advocates on search committees.

Who oversees the program?

  • Led by Charlotte Moats-Gallagher, AVP and Director of CoDaC, working closely with Human Resources and the Office of the Provost. 
  • Workshop Leader: Anne Gillies, Search Advocate Program Director, Oregon State University

For more information about UO’s Talent Acquisition work in Human Resources, please see:

For more information, contact: Charlotte Moats-Gallagher, AVP and Director of CoDaC,

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