Faculty Involvement in Pathway Programs

SAIL: The Summer Academy to Inspire Learning

SAIL is the University of Oregon’s largest pipeline program led by volunteer faculty aimed at increasing students’ enrollment and success in college through early exposure and exploration.  SAIL hosts FREE summer camps for students 8th through 12th grade.  

Executive Director, Lara Fernandez: laraf@uoregon.edu  


SPUR: The Summer Program for Undergraduate Research

The Summer Program for Undergraduate Research aims to train students to become creative explorers, to expand their interest and excitement in science, and to increase opportunities for them to pursue careers in research.

SPUR Director, Bryan Rebar, PhD, spur@uoregon.edu 
SPUR Coordinators: summerpgms@uoregon.edu


STEMCORE: Science, Technology, Engineering and Math Careers through Outreach, Research, and Education

The primary goal of STEM CORE is to produce a broader and deeper pool of STEM talent in Oregon through the development of efficient and effective models for student learning and engagement and by forging new collaborations between educators, researchers, and administrators.

Co-Director, UO STEM CORE, Dr. Dean Livelybrooks: dlivelyb@uoregon.edu
Co-Director, UO STEM CORE, Dr. Juliet Baxter: jabaxter@uoregon.edu
Associate Director, UO STEM CORE, Bryan Rebar, PhD: brebar@cas.uoregon.edu


Content in Context Super Lessons 

Content in Context SuperLessons (C2SL) is a math and science partnership (MSP, support from the Elementary and Secondary Education Act Title II-B) teacher professional development program focused on supporting 3rd – 8th grade teachers’ mastery of the new math and science standards (Common Core State Standards for Mathematics and Next Generation Science Standards) and implementing them with project-based learning in partnership with STEM professionals.

Higher Education
Bryan Rebar, Associate Director, STEM CORE, University of Oregon: brebar@cas.uoregon.edu



Project ESCOLAR aims to offer all middle-school students the opportunity to learn science within an engaging online environment. The project is committed to helping students become digital age innovators, excel in science, and prepare for college and careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

Contact: ewalden@uoregon.edu


SLP: Science Literacy Program 

The University of Oregon Science Literacy Program (SLP) aims to support student success through development of excellent science teachers.

Associate Director, Elly Vandegrift: ellyvan@uoregon.edu


UO Opportunities Program

Guided by the belief that every student should have the opportunity to prepare for higher education, the University of Oregon Opportunities Program empowers under-represented students and parents to become active participants in the K-12 and higher education process to pursue their educational dreams.

Contact: opportunities@uoregon.edu

UO Opportunities

SACNAS: UO Society for Advancement of Chicanos/Hispanics and Native Americans in Science 

UO SACNAS aims to provide a school wide supportive environment for students in STEM. The priority is to build a mentoring program that will allow students to feel comfortable asking questions about their major and seeking academic help. 

President, Maira Amezcua: mamezcua@uoregon.edu

Faculty Advisors:
Benjamin Aleman (physics) baleman@uoregon.edu
Santiago Jaramillo (Biology) sjara@uoregon.edu
Jim Prell (Chemistry) jprell@uoregon.edu
Jana Prikryl (Biology) jprikryl@uoregon.edu


SPS: UO Society of Physics Students 

The UO chapter of the Society of Physics Students has three main goals to be a resource for undergraduates, to foster community, and to connect students with professors, professional opportunities and outreach.

Faculty Advisor, Stan Micklavzine: stanm@uoregon.edu


SAACS:  UO Students Affiliates of the American Chemical Society

The University of Oregon Student Affiliates of the American Chemical Society (SAACS) is an undergraduate organization dedicated to promoting a greater understanding and appreciation of chemistry.

Faculty Advisor, John Hardwick: hardwick@uoregon.edu


AAPG Student Chapter:  Willamette Valley American Association of Petroleum Geologists Student Chapter

The mission is to educate and train a future generation of earth scientists, advance our current understanding of the earth system through scholarship and research, and serve as a resource to the university and broader community on topics related to our planet.

Department Head: Dr. Rebecca Dorsey rdorsey@uoregon.edu
Undergraduate Advisor (Lower-division): Dr. Marli Miller millerm@uoregon.edu
Undergraduate Advisor (Upper-division): Dr. Mark Reed mhreed@uoregon.edu
Graduate Advisor: Dr. Paul Wallace pwallace@uoregon.edu 


Oregon Young Scholars

The Oregon Young Scholars Program aims to develop and challenge the academic skills and college preparation of historically underrepresented students and to increase interest in college and the enrollment of the underrepresented students.

Barbara Marbury: bmarbury@uoregon.edu


Reach for Success

The goal of Reach for Success is to introduce the idea of pursuing a college education to students traditionally underrepresented in higher education and show them that they can reach this goal with proper preparation.

Barbara Marbury: bmarbury@uoregon.edu


Service-Learning Program

The Service-Learning Program engages the university and the broader community in reciprocal partnerships to create educational programs for students, to promote leadership through service, to foster and promote inclusive environments and to advance social justice and civic engagement.

  • Inside-Out Prison Exchange Program
  • The Schoolhouse Garden
  • Early Learning in Lane County
  • Promising Neighborhoods After School

Director, Deanna Chappell Belcher: servicelearning@uoregon.edu


UO Women in Graduate Sciences

The Women in Graduate Science (UOWGS) organization at the University of Oregon focuses on the professional development of women in all disciplines of science to enable them to become successful contributors to their fields.



SCORE: Student of Color Opportunities for Research Enrichment 

SCORE is Student of Color Opportunities for Research Enrichment with tutoring for science courses, graduation program exploration and hands on lab and research experience under the leadership of a professional scientist.

Contact: cmae@uoregon.edu