Cultural humility in the workplace and higher education

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The Importance Of Cultural Humility.*Students, faculty and practitioners from the University of Buffalo reflect on the role of cultural humility in their work and share their insights.

*The Importance Of Cultural Humility. Produced by Sarah Richards-Desai. University of Buffalo Social Work, 2016.


Universities with Cultural Humility pages


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Cultural Humility by Juliana Mosley, Ph.D. TEDx WestChester, 2017. “The current state of affairs relative to social justice issues (race, gender, sexual identity and expression, religion, and socio-economic status) shows us that the need for diversity and inclusion in our society is greater than ever. The diversity and inclusion concept of cultural humility is a current instrument being employed by institutions and organizations that seek to achieve cultural transformation. Juliana believes that through conscious consideration, we can be proactive in preparing for and adhering to the inevitable changes in society.”