Trauma-Informed Leadership Workshops for UO Leadership

Winter 2022:

Trauma-Informed Leadership Challenge Grant is launched to facilitate innovation and scaling up of trauma-informed practices across campus.


Winter 2020: Division of Equity and Inclusion and the Office of the Provost host listening sessions with campus communities to understand the impact of COVID19 as well as the impact of the latest racialized violence on American communities of color, beginning with the death of Ahmed Arbury, Breonna Taylor, George Floyd.

Spring 2020: Division of Equity and Inclusion and Office of the Provost design and launch a survey to better understand the impact of COVID-19 on faculty

Winter 2021: DEI piloted the Trauma-Informed Leadership Workshop with a small group of Academic and Administrative Leaders

Spring 2021: DEI and OtP hosted Trauma-Informed Leadership Workshops for UO Leadership

  • Target Audience: President, Provost, Vice Presidents, Deans, UO Senate and Department Heads.  
  • Content: Six-90-minute workshop sessions with small-group cohorts for discussion and metabolizing information. Curricular resources provided through teams to facilitate ongoing learning.
  • Purpose: Equip UO leadership with resources to enhance human-centered leadership orientation and practices.
  • Assessment: Post-survey participant responses demonstrate enhanced awareness, immediate application of tools in units and need for ongoing work on trauma-informed leadership and other human-centered leadership practices.