June 26
A two-term class goes deep to bring the lives of underrepresented people into the light
June 13
Academic and administrative teams have reviewed all plans and are ready to take next steps
June 1
Maysoon Zayid will be the disability awareness speaker this Friday
May 30
Underserved students benefit from and succeed in UO early engagement program
May 24
DeNorval Unthank Jr. was an architect and unflagging advocate for minorities
May 15
Benjamin Reese of Duke University will address the subject in a series of events on May 26
May 8
Memorandum of understanding will help Native American students succeed at the UO
April 25
The award from the American Council of Learned Societies will help Bharat Venkat finish a book
April 24
The Division of Equity and Inclusion will host the monthly gathering Friday, May 5
April 17
Ten professional leaders and policymakers will also cover professional exchange opportunities