December 10
'When We Love Someone We Sing to Them' was written by professor Ernesto Javier Martinez
November 30
A group of 30 participants will meet once a month for an academic year to learn about inclusivity
November 29
Academic programs, student government and cultural events are just some of the ways they make a mark
November 21
The DuckFunder campaign is trying to raise enough to match a $75,000 challenge grant
November 19
Sandra Finley’s visit will focus on how to inspire leadership and influence change
November 14
Campus offers an array of programs and opportunites for students from all parts of the Latin world
November 12
The department is developing a five-year plan for improving services and navigation on campus
November 1
A variety of events happen at the UO throughout November to honor the Americas' first peoples
October 31
The project melds work in the College of Education and School of Journalism and Communication