November 5
Learn about the contributions, challenges and resilience of indigenous communities
October 28
Zena Howard is inaugural speaker for this year’s African American Speaker and Workshop series
October 24
Native American Heritage month at the UO reflects on indigenous cultures and traditions
October 18
Rhaisa Kameela Williams will speak Oct. 25 on Toni Morrison's play about Emmett Till
October 14
This month is a time to celebrate the long history of activism and community-building
October 9
She endured poverty and racism to become a beacon for generations of UO students
October 9
In 1968, and again in 2015, black students sought a place to gather and study; it opens Oct. 12
October 9
Photos, interviews and historical archives explore how racist attitudes drove civil rights activism
October 9
Named for Lyllye Reynolds-Parker, it will be a home for the UO’s black students and the community
October 3
Events at the center, named for longtime advisor Lyllye Reynolds-Parker, begin at 11:30 a.m.