October 20
Laura Pulido says most American landmarks ignore links to racial inequality and violence
October 19
Despite the pandemic, staff are finding creative ways to connect with students remotely
October 16
Campus efforts will continue following an executive order on diversity training
October 15
The goal is to introduce aspiring first-generation college students to a university campus
October 13
Eric Holder will give a virtual address as part of the center's 20th anniversary
October 12
The $11 million effort will hire a dozen new scholars as part of a plan to combat racism
October 7
Interviews with wives and children of Bracero farm workers reveal the impact of the program on Mexican families
October 7
Assistant Vice Provost’s young adult novel on systemic racism comes at a pivotal moment
October 7
Recent UO graduate Desirae Brown examines a parallel between Black student movements on campus 50 years apart
October 7
Climate change, dwindling resources making water issues more crucial for Oregon communities