March 4, 2024
Big brands benefit when ads are racially diverse, study finds Diversity that goes beyond mere representation is key to successful inclusive advertising
February 23, 2024
Study finds potential gender stereotypes in kids’ food choice UO researchers say some children tend to perceive certain foods as ‘girly’ or ‘manly’
February 19, 2024
Study examines how connection and stigma can shape trans health New research finds that harm from chronic stress can be reduced by community belonging
February 16, 2024
Sexism, The New Yorker, and making it as a woman journalist Author and editor Tina Brown visits the UO in February for the CSWS' 50th anniversary
February 15, 2024
African American lecture focuses on fast-evolving workforce Romanita Hairston, of the Murdock Charitable Trust, addresses workforce readiness on Feb. 27