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Althea Banda-Hansmann

Born in the intensity of the Apartheid years, Althea is passionate about leading for change, creating Thinking Environments™, contemplative leadership and becoming anti-racist, healing and inclusive leaders and organizations. Her coaching approach is a partnership in which she works with clients to reflect on the fabric of their experiences, while turning this into ground for learning and growth. During sessions, Althea creates an environment for clients to think for themselves, to explore and express their emerging self, wisdom and emerging future. She sees her role as offering midwifery for clients to birth that which they sense is their calling in the world. Althea supports clients to arrive at breakthroughs by exploring their goals, questions, assumptions, and helps them identify actions or next steps to realize desired results. Her approach is informed by welcoming somatic intelligence, creating a Thinking Environments™, working with multiple levels of diversity, and using global standards for diversity, equity and inclusion. Althea supports leaders to do the work of maturing through waking up, growing up, cleaning up and showing up while creating perspectives for hope, resilience and renewal. She is currently based in South Africa.

Website: www.transformingmoments.co.za
Additional Links: https://www.timetothink.com/

Assia Chamseldine

Assia is a previous media executive, a mom and a Certified Co-active coach. She began her career as a TV executive producer, managing teams and projects for over 15 years in creation, production, and execution. She later moved to China, in quest of well-being and became a life coach; she now lives in Singapore. Her path inspires her to encourage her clients to reach their full potential and discover the leader within to unleash their desired outcomes. Through years of training and experiences, she supports them to test their boundaries and guide them through fear, doubts, and stuck emotions to create a life of fulfillment and balance. She offers an open and safe environment because she cares and believes in her clients. Specializations: Stress & Anxiety, Life Challenges, Work Performance

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/assia-chams-el-dine-bb621a7b/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/transformassiacoach/

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Elizabeth Fadell

Elizabeth Fadell is the founder of The Enterprise Group, a management consulting firm based in Madison, Wisconsin. For over 25 years, Elizabeth has coached leaders and consulted with organizations focused on innovation, strategy development, organizational improvement and leadership coaching. She is committed to a developmental approach that incorporates dialogue, whole systems thinking, organizational and relationship systems coaching, generative leadership and breakthrough improvement. She is currently an internal consultant with the University of Wisconsin-Madison Office of Strategic Consulting.

Elizabeth has worked at all levels of the University including the Chancellor’s Office, senior administration, Deans, Department Chairs, faculty and staff. In higher education settings she has provided coaching and consulting services in the areas of: Leadership coaching, Strategy development, Organizational development and change management, Culture and climate enhancement/transformation, Program development and continuous improvement, Individual and group/team development and facilitation.

Elizabeth holds a B.A. in Mathematics and Philosophy and an M.S. in Social Work from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Elizabeth is fully trained in Organizational and Relationship Systems Coaching through CRR Global.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/elizabeth-fadell-8285851/

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Jacob Hahn

Jacob Hahn coaches with organizational leaders in a variety of fields, including higher education, government, not-for-profit, financial services, marketing, communications, professional education and training, and computing systems. Jacob’s coaching engagements center on personal, managerial, and leadership evolution with a deep focus on generating new self knowledge, creative insight, and fresh perspectives, in fit with the needs, identities, and readiness of his clients. Jacob is a natural dot-connector and ideator, readily searching for links between disparate ideas and experiences that enable the creation of novel solutions and purposeful forward movement.

Jacob holds an MA in higher education, diversity and higher learning modalities and an MBA (with a focus in strategic management) from the University of Denver as well as a Bachelor of Science from the University of Wisconsin – Madison. Jacob is an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) (credentialed through the International Coaching Federation), a Certified Professional Coach, (credential through UW-Madison), a Gallup-certified Strengths Educator, an Organizational and Relationships Systems Coach (ORSC) (fully trained by CRR Global), and is a Prosci-certified Organizational Change Practitioner.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jacob-hahn-14606b124/

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Anjali Leon

One of the best gifts that you can give yourself is the gift of coaching. I believe that we are all sources of unbounded courage, creativity and better-ness. Sometimes you need someone who can help you tap into that source and turn it into meaningful action. A coach can provide the empathetic ear, the alternate perspective, just the right powerful question or the repeatable process to unlock that potential and guide your decisions with broader confidence and bolder purpose. But you must want it and be willing to do the work.

Hi, I am Anjali - a professional leadership coach and mentor and activator of ECO-vitalized people. My coaching practices centers around tapping into that source by helping you learn to manage your Energy instead of time, nurture your Connectedness instead of self-preservation, and design your life for Optimums instead of tradeoffs. Though self-awareness, simple co-designed practices, and disciplined follow-through with an accountability partner, you will find yourself thriving with sustainable flow and resilience.

I am a trained co-active and positive intelligence coach and practitioner, and a certified expert in Agile coaching. I am also the founding principal of PPL Coach - a boutique leadership and collaboration consultancy that specializes in product thinking and creative collaboration, and HitRefresh - a workplace well-being community of practice.

My home base is beautiful Tampa, FL, where I live with my husband Rich and daughter Ariana. I enjoy connecting with people and nature and always up for any opportunity to experience the food, traditions, and natural wonders of diverse cultures seen through the eyes of a local.

Website: www.ppl-coach.com
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/anjali-leon/

Jackie Levi

With over 30 years of experience, Jackie is an Advisor, Coach and Interpreter. Originally from Mexico, based in Atlanta, educated in Mexico, Israel and the US, she has lived across many cultures, works throughout the US and Europe, and is fluent in English, Spanish and Hebrew. Jackie is an executive and relationship coach, also working with artists, teams and within the University setting.

Embracing the power of emotional, intuitive and positive intelligence combined with imagination and wisdom, she and her clients co-create visions and plans. She helps them to become mindful of what is important to them and to reach their full potential.

Website: www.jackielevi.com

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Bonita Helm Mackey

Bonita Helm Mackey is an experienced Executive Coach who partners with leaders at all levels to deliver results during constant organizational and market changes. She is recognized for her ability to link people development to business results. She is especially skilled in partnering with leaders on developing strategies to ensure that they are building inclusive cultures that maximize the potential and performance of all employees.

Bonita coaches leaders with honesty, directness and a genuine commitment to their personal growth and success while staying true to themselves. She believes in coaching the “whole person” and supports her coaching clients in becoming proactive experts in their own lives.

Her success in delivering results derives from real world experiences while holding leadership positions at IBM and Verizon. She has spent her career working globally with leaders in a variety of industries and organizational settings. Her clients have included corporate leaders, nonprofit executives, educators, and medical professionals.

Website: https://www.linkedin.com/in/bonitamackey/

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Mish Middelmann

Coaching enterprising leaders and teams has been Mish’s primary focus since 2007. Mish has a passion for aligning leadership practice with the core values of its practitioners and their organizations. He particularly loves to coach agents of change whose vision for success includes empowering people and making a broad social and economic impact.

In 1993 Mish co-founded Praxis Computing, a start-up that grew under his leadership to be chosen as one of South Africa’s Top 20 Non-Listed Companies in 2003. Praxis pioneered in embracing diversity in a way that serves organizational creativity. Mish brought the ORSC systemic coaching methodology to Africa in 2012 and after growing that education program for 8 years gave up the agency to a pan-African consortium. He rates the experience of relinquishing his two CEO positions in 2006 (from Praxis) and in 2020 (from ORSC Africa) as some of his most painful, exhilarating and powerful learning experiences to date. Out of this experience comes another of Mish’s coaching specialties: coaching leaders in transition and transformation. Mish has developed and facilitated personal and group transformation work to heal racial, gender and other divisions in a way that gives agency and respect to all parties. He spent the 1980s as a successful township high school teacher in Zimbabwe after growing up in racially privileged circumstances in Cape Town, South Africa.

Mish is certified as a Professional Coach and an Advanced Certified Team Coach by the International Coach Federation (ICF) as well as CTI and CRR Global. In 2004 he completed a 3 year part time Owner President Management Programme at Harvard Business School. He holds a Graduate Certificate in Education from the University of Zimbabwe, a BSc in Physics and a BA in African History from the University of Cape Town. He is currently based in Johannesburg, South Africa and in the process of transferring to Toronto, Canada.

Website: https://www.enterprisecoach.net/

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Charlotte Moats-Gallagher

Originally from Harpers Ferry, West Virginia, and by way of Madison, Wisconsin, Charlotte is an internal coach at the UO. She joined UO in 2018 to help advance the mission of the Division of Equity and Inclusion. Prior to joining UO Charlotte worked in higher education (OSU) for more than 15 years serving in roles including Director of International Degree and Education Abroad, Director of International Research and Development, and Director of Women in International Development. Charlotte earned her PhD in Leadership and Organizational Change from Antioch University. Her current role involves leading UO’s Center on Diversity and Community (CoDaC) via a suite of programs and initiatives aimed at embedding diversity, equity and inclusion into many corners of the university.

Charlotte received her coach training with Erickson Coaching International and is a Certified Professional Coach through the International Coaching Federation (ICF). She is currently engaged in a coaching program using the Positive Intelligence work of Shirzad Chamine. She enjoys helping clients create new awareness, find perspective and activate their unique resourcefulness.

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Rashad Nelms

My coaching philosophy reflects the belief that my clients are capable of sustained, positive behavior change. I move them from feeling frustrated or overwhelmed by their professional circumstances to more confidently leveraging their skills and more authentically communicating their needs. We achieve this by using (a) evidence-based and neuroscience techniques; (b) strategies I have cultivated during my 17 years of serving in international leadership and management positions in more than 20 countries; and my empathy, honesty, humor and accountability. I am a living testament to these strategies and techniques’ power and effectiveness and it’s my mission to ensure my clients benefit, as well.

Website: https://www.rashadnelms.com
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/rashad-nelms/

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Kwasi Owusu-Asomaning

Kwasi Owusu-Asomaning (ICF PCC) is an Executive Coach, Team Coach and the founder of OAK Agility and co-founder of Minds Connected. Our core philosophy and belief is you. Through partnership and co-creation, we help you awaken & discover the clarity you seek and create the solutions to step into action. A listener, trainer, facilitator and an entrepreneur, Kwasi brings vast experience in organizations and relationship systems coaching and solution-focused coaching. He is certified with the International Coach Federation (ICF) at a Professional Coach (PCC) level. He started his coach training with Organisations and Relationship Systems Coaching (ORSC) and Erickson Coaching International. He is an InnerMBA Alumni of Sounds True with Tami Simon in partnership with Mindful NYU and LinkedIn. He is a Certified Enterprise Agile Coach (CEC) with over 11 years of partnering with large and small organizations through conscious and intentional transformative changes offering executive and team coaching. He has worked with C-Level executives, leaders and teams to leverage the power of co-creation and how to show up as true selves and authentically to build human-centered organizations. He is co-host of the ‘Transformation from the Trenches’ podcast which includes topics on human and organizational transformation. Kwasi is an active volunteer for the Scrum Alliance Certified Enterprise Coaches review team, growing the world of enterprise agile coaches. He runs several meetups which give back to various communities to help grow talent and people across Africa. He is currently based in London, UK.

Website: https://www.oakagility.coach/.
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kwasiowusuasomaning/​​​​​​


Perry Rhue

Perry Rhue is a leadership development and career transition coach, and former internal leadership coach at IBM and Director of Coaching at High Achievers. A former engineer, his 30-plus years of experience in various areas of business gives him a healthy and diverse background for coaching business professionals and teams. Perry is known for his work in executive coaching, team coaching, coach training, talent management, and professional development. His expertise is in helping individuals and teams understand their unique personality traits, gifts, talents, strengths, temperament, and “blind spots.” There are four “cornerstones” that form the foundation of his coaching philosophy: 1) My clients are naturally creative, highly resourceful, and whole, i.e., the client is not "broken and need fixing," and they have their own innate wisdom on how to live life. 2) I serve my clients as a thought-partner, trusted confidant, and collaborator of new ideas/solutions towards achieving what the client wants to accomplish. 3) Our coaching relationship is an intentionally designed alliance, i.e., "designed" because the relationship is customized to meet the exclusive needs of my client, and it's an "alliance" because both (we) are intimately involved in making the relationship work. 4) The client creating, developing, and executing the necessary action steps along with the correct consistent new behaviors and a method of accountability during and after each session will help the client achieve the results they want to produce.

Website: https://www.forcoachesbycoaches.com/
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/perryrhue

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Caroline Steene

Caroline Steene is an ICF Professional Certified Coach, trained and experienced in both individual coaching as well as in relationship coaching. Having lived in 6 different countries and worked as a leader in multi-cultural environment all her career, she is driven by curiosity and the need to constantly develop and discover new things, her personal motto being: “Nothing is constant but change”.

She believes that coaching is a great tool to connect to yourself, in order to become more intentional about your choices and who you want to be. It’s about finding your way and embracing your uniqueness in order to become the best version of yourself. Likewise for teams and any relationship that is stuck, coaching helps the team to open up in order to move forward.

By bringing care, calmness and lightness to the coaching sessions, Caroline creates an open and safe environment which helps her clients to be fully themselves, discover new perspectives and find their own way forward. Coaching is about finding solutions and a way forward, to be able to create the change you want to have, be it for yourself or the team.

Caroline is currently based in Sweden.
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/caroline-steene-3a371637/

Yvette Alex Assensoh in pinkish jacket in front of bookscase
Yvette M. Alex-Assensoh
Yvette Alex-Assensoh uses a mixture of powerful questions, silence and humor to help people become a lot more self-aware and intentional about aligning their attitudes and behaviors with the future outcomes that they seek. Her coaching focuses on helping people to be fully alive and subsequently empowered in their personal as well as professional lives. She works to help leaders engage more effectively with their teams and helping them to put in place systems that lead to self-awareness, connection and accountability. Yvette is a graduate of the Coaches Training Institute. In addition to being a coach, she is a professor of political science, lawyer and a UO campus administrator.