2022 IDEAL Climate Survey

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55% Response Rate

More than half of UO Faculty, officers of administration, classified employees, and graduate employees completed the survey spring 2022.

You voice and input will help us learn more about our UO culture and how to best support all employees in inclusive and equitable ways. Creating a welcoming, inclusive, and respectful environment is central to our mission as a public institution and a research university dedicated to the free and open exchange of ideas.

Survey Results

Gallup has provided a variety of reports on the survey results. They will continue to work with the analysis team to provide more detailed analysis. An action-planning committee will work to recommend action steps in consultation with diverse campus entities.

In fall 2022, Gallup presented more detailed results to campus, which will also be shared with individual schools, colleges, and administrative units. All findings were shared at the school, college, and division level will be shared in ways that ensure data confidentiality and anonymity.


The University of Oregon is committed to creating a welcoming and respectful campus environment where everyone has the opportunity to succeed and achieve, while feeling affirmed, valued, and respected. In addition, one of the university's strategic objectives is to build a more inclusive, equitable, and diverse campus community.

In support of these commitments and objectives, the university conducted a workplace climate survey to identify individual, unit-based, structural, cultural, and institutional factors that improve or worsen campus climate, so that those factors can be addressed through targeted interventions.

The data collected in this survey will be used in many ways: as a baseline for understanding the present climate, to establish a benchmark against which to measure change over time to help inform current and future institutional priorities, and to establish action plans to enhance and improve the climate in individual units and at the university as a whole.

The survey will build upon the UO’s long history and commitment to inquiry, learning, and impact as a public research university. In this instance, it seeks to learn more about its own culture and how to best support all employees in inclusive and equitable ways. The university has partnered with Gallup, an independent analytics consulting firm, to conduct the survey.

Survey group: All Instructional and Research Faculty, Officers of Administration, Classified staff, and Graduate Employees.

Survey Information

The university partnered with Gallup, an independent analytics consulting firm, to conduct the survey.

Data was collected directly via Gallup Access—Gallup’s dynamic survey design, data collection, and reporting platform. Survey responses are strictly confidential and will not be shared with anyone in any way that might identify survey respondents. Data collected will be anonymized. No identifying information will be reported and the University of Oregon will not have access to any identifying information.

The survey was confidential and individual results were anonymized before they were shared with the university; the university will not be able to follow up on any individual responses. Therefore, individuals who wish to share information about prohibited conduct, including discriminatory treatment or harassment, are encouraged to seek support and resources and learn about reporting options by visiting the Office of Investigations and Civil Right Compliance or Report a Concern webpages.