Showcase Oregon 2018 DAP Talks


Beyond Implicit Bias - Now that you are aware of how effectively address implicit bias in search committees, this workshop will provide strategies for addressing implicit bias in performance evaluations, in the classroom and in day-to-day processes on campus. 

Speaker: Douglas Haynes        Facilitator: Erik Girvan


Active Allyship: Uniting and Creating Educational Resources to Address Race and Racism on Campus - The University of Oregon has a significant opportunity to explore allyship and engagement of majority members of campus. This talk will highlight a forthcoming effort taking the shape as a strategy / working group. Members will share this initiative by discussing priorities, allyship training, and future directions. 

Speakers: Francis Pastorelle and Abigail Leeder       Facilitator: Sierra Dawson


Ducks Together: Meeting with the new ASUO Leadership - The newly elected 2018-2019 ASUO Leadership slate, who ran the “Ducks Together” campaign will discuss their priorities, which center around “taking back student power” and other associated campaign goals: tuition changes, establishing student panels to help decide punishment for student conduct violations, and securing funding for student services such as Safe Ride and the student food pantry. Faculty, students, staff and alumni are invited to engage to provide feedback, support and input on next year’s plan. 

Speakers: Maria Gallegos, Ivan Chen, Imani Dorsey     


It Starts with Onboarding: Best Practices in Retaining Faculty and Staff - Successful retention begins with solid onboarding, which most people assume is HR-driven. This talk examines the intersection between HR onboarding, unit onboarding, and successful retention programs. In addition, we will explore how departments with strong retention numbers can provide best practice advice to those units who struggle in this area. 

Speakers: Karen Ford, Andrew Marcus, Kaia Rogers              Facilitator: Melanie Muenzer


What We Can Learn from a Well-Constructed Climate Survey – What are the ingredients of a successful campus survey? At this talk, come to learn about what is being planned for our campus survey and offer advice and input as the committee shares its works and incorporates feedback. 

Speakers: Alfredo Burlando and Tori Byington           Facilitator: Mike Andreasen


Ducks Together, Working Together - The newly elected 2018-2019 ASUO Leadership slate, who ran the “Ducks Together” campaign will discuss their priorities, and engage in a dialogue with other student leaders, faculty, and staff administrators on challenges and opportunities for building a more inclusive and equitable community for all. All are invited to join this conversation and provide feedback, support and input in planning for next year. 

Speakers: Maria Gallegos, Ivan Chen, Imani Dorsey   Facilitator: Jesse Quinn


Inclusive Excellence in Graduate Education - A common excuse for the low levels of participation of under-represented populations in doctoral education is the so-called “pipeline” or low levels of participation in higher education. This presentation will demonstrate that the undergraduate pipeline is actually quite robust. The real challenge facing doctoral granting institutions is rethinking graduate education from admissions to degree completion and placement in order to advance inclusive excellence. Discusses the UCI Diverse Educational and Doctoral Experience Program. ( 

Speakers: Douglas Haynes, Jaclyn Kellon and Rod Salgado                Facilitator: Andrew Karduna


Strategy Groups: What They Are and Why They Are Important - In a model established by our Native American colleagues, faculty, staff and students from the Latinx, Black and API communities have established organizations that empower members and organize for change on our campus. These groups have played pivotal roles in recruitment, retention and purposeful partnerships on our campus. Come to learn more about how they work and what you can do to support their work. 

Speakers: Rosa Chavez, Gordon Hall, Jeanne Hall, Barbara Marbury, Joann Zhang 

Facilitator: Jamie Moffitt


Best Practices in Gender Equity: Case Studies in Higher Education – This talk will highlight various interventions and programming at the University of Oregon aimed at empowering women to thrive and lead on campus. Aimed at a broad campus audience, it will highlight signature interdisciplinary activities on campus. 

Speakers: Michelle McKinley; Nadia Singh