Recruiting Processes, Outlets & Retention Tools

The Recruiting Processes, Outlets & Retention Tools working group works to ensure that equity, inclusion and diversity are embedded in the institutional hiring plan.

  • Will include faculty and deans to assess the campus infrastructure for faculty retention as it relates to existing resources in light of established best practices at other campuses.
  • HR compiles a list of diversity recruiting tools and options; maintains an easy-to-find website and links to the Office of the Provost and CoDaC.
  • HR analyzes whether it is cost effective to cover such memberships or payment centrally where memberships or payment is required for access.


  • Nancy Nieraeth
  • Diane Del Guercio
  • Chloe Tirabasso
  • Holly Coble
  • Torre Spellman
  • Brad Garner
  • Thor Mikesell
  • Donnalyn Pompper
  • Bethany Howe*
  • Whitney Holt*

* student members