Pooria Manoochehri

Pooria Manoochehri. Our Stories, Our Communities: UO Diversity

Pooria Manoochehri

My Name is Pooria Manoochehri and I am first year Nonprofit Management graduate student at PPPM. I was born in Tehran, Iran


We have a small, super friendly community in the UO. We would not miss any chance to make friends and learn about others’ cultural background.


Having the opportunity to interact with a culturally diverse people, being surrounded by loving and caring friends and being lucky enough to have an amazing GTF position with the one of the most respected offices on campus is a unique opportunity for me.

The biggest challenges I face and worry about a lot is not being able to plan for my after graduation life. H1B visa process is a huge obstacle in international students’ way, including me. It keeps us away from reaching our professional goals. Finding an organization that would be willing to sponsor an international student was very hard and with the new administration targeting H1B visa program, it might become almost impossible in near future.