Michael Luis Samano

Michael Luis Samano

BA, 1992. Major: Sociology, Minor: Ethnic Studies. Born in Eugene, Oregon. Raised in both Eugene and Alvadore, OR. Currently living in Eugene. 

Community at the University of Oregon

I was an older transfer student and military veteran at the University of Oregon. I lived off campus, but spent most of my days either in PLC, which housed both Sociology and Ethnic Studies. Or, the EMU as I was a member of both MEChA and NASU. Since I'm from Eugene, I had a sense of community built-in. I also built community at the U. and have stayed life-long friends with some of the students and staff that I met while I was an undergraduate. 


As a transfer student with junior status, the majority of my courses were in my major and minor. I was fortunate to experience quite a few faculty who actually knew how to teach. In addition, because I welcomed it, I was mentored by quite a few faculty of these as well. Many of them saw my potential long before I saw it in myself. My family and community were also important for my success in that although I was a first generation college student, I was taught from an early age about self-determination and perseverance. So, although I was a person of color, in a very foreign environment that was also a predominantly white institution, there were no obstacles that were going to stop me.