MeCherri Abedi-Anim

MeCherri Abedi-Anim. Our Communities, Our Stories: UO Diversity

MeCherri Abedi-Anim

My name is MeCherri Abedi-Anim. I am a PhD candidate in the Department of Sociology. My areas of study are race/ethnicity, immigration, identity, the African Diaspora, and social stratification.


I am from Childersburg, Alabama.

I've met some really great people at the UO, but I don't have a community here. Life feels very individualized here, which is the opposite of the community I come from in Alabama. The lack of a community here has been the biggest challenge for me.


I grew up in a rich, Southern, Black community where strong extended family (and friend) networks were a source of love, inspiration, and support. This type of community, for me, was prevalent within academia as well as outside of academia.  I've struggled to build this kind of community here at Oregon.  I haven't overcome this challenge because I am faced with it everyday.  Having a family of my own helps me prioritize things and realize that this period in my life is only temporary.