Kena Gomalo

Kena Gomalo. Our Stories, Our Communities: UO Diversity Kena Gomalo

Conflict & Dispute Resolution/UO School of Law and International Studies
Home is Portland, Oregon.


My trust for people at the UO is limited to nearly non-existent.  Nevertheless, I am lucky to have met my lifelong brothers, Diamante Jamison and Devin Harvey, at the UO. Other then the VERY FEW individuals  I have met/trusted at the UO, my community at the UO begins and ends with my family, especially my mother and father. My parents live in  Portland and do not go to UO, but they are always a phone call and car drive away for me. They are my community at the UO and anywhere else I go.


I have faced comprehensive forms of implicit and explicit challenges at the UO.

The main challenge I have faced is combating the historical, societal, and academic generalization of the Black identity and Black student experience. In particular, the UO academia has treated the unique/iconic Black history as a generalized form of ethnic study.

My willingness to highlight and challenge this generalization and sordid treatment of Black history and Black student experience has led to defensive mechanisms and combative behavior. The same defensive mechanisms and combative behaviors I do not care for.