Jennifer Chain

Jennifer Chain. Our Stories, Our Communities: UO Diversity

Jennifer Chain

My name is Jennifer Chain and I am a six year PhD candidate in Counseling Psychology. I am completing my doctoral internship at the University Counseling and Testing Center.

I was born and raised in China and spent most of my adolescence in Sacramento, California. Home for me is less geographically bound and more related to the feeling of warmth, comfort, acceptance, love, the sound of laughter, and the smell of good food cooking.


My community at the University of Oregon has evolved over the 6 years that I have been on campus. Although the people in my community have fluctuated, they all share a passion for social justice, a desire for deeper dialogues, and an openness for genuine and authentic relationships.”


As a woman of color in academia, I have experienced my share of racism and sexism. I have been told subtly and directly that I do not belong here. It hurt the most when these messages came from people of power and people I respected. I have been able to make it this far (graduating in June!) because of mentors, colleagues, and friends who have supported me and cheered me on when I doubted that I could go on, and when I failed and could not get back up. It takes a rebellious, defiant, and courageous spirit to overcome these challenges.