Facts and Figures

Office of institutional Research

The Office of Institutional Research provides management information and analytical support to the University's decision makers, enhancing strategic planning and policy-making processes. They serve as the chief information clearinghouse for the University and conduct research on student, faculty, and staff to promote on-going institutional self-assessment. Institutional Research also fulfills the University's compliance reporting requirements at both the federal and state levels.

Division of Student Life

The Student Life Office of Assessment and Research is committed to demonstrating the collective impact and outlook of the University of Oregon Division of Student Life programming. Their office is available to help your unit or program develop student learning and development outcome criteria, metrics, and assessment plans that will guide your decision-making and programming. They will meet with you and consult on your assessment and research projects in order to create the most effective programming possible.

Office of the Provost Data Dashboards

Interactive information on student and employee demographics and trends dashboards provide the University of Oregon’s stakeholders, prospective students and employees, and supporters of the university with a dynamic and interactive tool to study institutional makeup and broad outcomes, and how they change over time. The student dashboards provide updated information on undergraduate student demographics, as well as their retention and graduation outcomes, for 12 historical cohorts. Employee dashboards provide annual census information on faculty and staff demographics starting from 2015.