Experiential Learning

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Experiential Learning

The Experiential Learning program utilizes the transformative power of the performing arts to spark meaningful conversations, challenge perceptions, and celebrate the rich tapestry of identities that make up our campus. 

Through dynamic performances, interactive workshops, and collaborative projects, we invite students, faculty, and staff to explore complex issues surrounding equity and inclusion in our campus community. 

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Intertwined Personal Storytelling Workshops and Performances

Whether you're a seasoned storyteller or taking the stage for the first time, our storytelling events provide a welcoming space for voices to be heard and stories to be celebrated. From tales of triumph and resilience to moments of vulnerability and reflection, each story shared adds depth and richness to our collective human experience. Join us for our annual storytelling workshop in February and our community performances in May.

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Rehearsals for Life

Helping you prepare for moments that matter

Through the dynamic techniques of Theatre of the Oppressed and other forms of applied theatre, we invite audiences to become active participants in exploring pressing social issues. Our workshops go beyond traditional theatre, inviting spectators to step into the scenarios, challenge oppressive systems, and collaborate to envision alternative realities.  

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We don't always know the right thing to say, so why not take some time to practice before those moments happen. Schedule a workshop with us to practice.

Our dynamic team brings the power of interactive theatre directly to your community, department, faculty meeting or student group. Whether you're seeking to foster dialogue, build empathy, or address pressing social issues, our workshops provide an engaging space for participants to explore, learn, and act together to create a healthier campus environment. We will work with you to customize a workshop to address your specific needs. 

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Performances can address:

  • Issues of diversity, equity, and access
  • Interrupting oppression in everyday situations
  • Working effectively with team members
  • Challenging authority
  • Bystander Intervention

Join Rehearsals for Life

Whether you're an experienced performer or a passionate advocate for social justice, we want you to join us!

As a member of Rehearsals for Life, you'll have the opportunity to collaborate with graduate students across campus, hone your performance skills, and make a meaningful impact on our community. From devising thought-provoking productions to performing interactive scenarios, your voice and talents will help shape the narratives that inspire change.

No prior theatre experience is necessary – just bring your passion, creativity, and commitment to making a difference.  

Benefits include:

  • Work with a fun, close-knit group of students passionate about creating social change

  • Develop your professional skills and interests

  • Gain great experience for your resume

  • Become more involved in the campus community


Rehearsals for Life Application

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