Elirissa Pui Kei Hui

Elirissa Pui Kei Hui. Our Stories, Our Communities: UO Diversity.

Elirissa Pui Kei Hui

I am a senior in the Family and Human Services major. I was born and raised in Portland, Oregon, but I also consider Hong Kong  to be home. This is where my parents grew up.


My community consists of various groups and communities that I am  involved with at the UO. A few of the ones that have supported me so much during my time as an undergraduate student here at the UO are the  Asian and Pacific American Student Union, Wushu Club, and the Center for Multicultural Academic Excellence.


As an Asian American woman at the UO, I felt that I had to continuously prove myself in order to show others that I am capable of the roles and responsibilities that I held. Although I am still working on overcoming  this challenge, I have been able to persevere by building a stronger and deeper relationship with the Asian and Pacific Islander community here at the UO.