Climate Survey Development and Analytics

The Climate Survey Development and Analytics working group should first and foremost identify the goal of climate surveys (both centrally and locally. They will address specific questions and next steps.
For example:

  • What questions are appropriate and useful?
  • What happens once you collect the data?
  • How does data inform actions and change?
  • To what extent should surveys differ between units?
  • How frequently should surveys be done?
  • What legal considerations are there around language, privacy, or the like?
  • What is already being done at the UO? 
  • What is being done elsewhere? Best practices?

DEI can begin thinking of appropriate ways to centrally gather information as surveys are conducted


  • Lorraine Davis 
  • Alfredo Burlando
  • Mark McCulloch
  • Katie Bumgardner
  • Tori Byington
  • Dean Mundy
  • Andiel Brown
  • Jonathan Jacobs
  • Eric Pederson
  • Belal Abboushi*
  • Katya Reyna*

*student members