Brantly Fulton

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Brantly Fulton

I am Brantly Fulton, a graduate student working on a PhD in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry.

I was born and raised on the southside of Pontiac, Michigan to Brad and Ann Fulton.


Community to me is wherever I go. My community at the university of Oregon consists of grad students in my program as well as outside of it, undergraduates, professors, faculty, and a host of people that I’ve met in and around the state of Oregon.


The biggest challenge is always connecting my opportunities back to people who come from communities like the one I came from. I didn’t grow up in a nice place. I have plenty of friends who lost their lives to prison or violence at relatively young ages. The good people around me, including my parents, wanted something better for me. Hopefully my life will give those who are struggling hope, when my life’s over I want young kids to say ‘Brantly did it, so I can do it too!