March 17
Vice President for Equity and Inclusion Yvette Alex-Assensoh writes about the need for a new generation of activists to protect 50 years of progress on access.
February 29
The symposium will look at how women facilitate justice using their skills, talents and wisdom to have a positive effect lives and institutions.
February 16
This year organizers are working to present a more holistic view of black history that goes further than documenting past struggles.
February 10
Events both on campus and in the community offer a way to connect with black history while celebrating black culture and achievement.
January 28
Faculty members Lara Bovilsky, Darren Johnson, Kevin Marbury, Gabriela Martinez, Ellen McWhirter and Naomi Zack where honored at the annual gathering.
January 11
In addition to a Jan. 18 march, a keynote speech by national correspondent April Ryan the following day will highlight a week of events.
November 20
A vigil and panel discussion will offer the campus community a chance to seek perspective and understanding in the wake of recent violence.
November 19
The event will take place Friday, Nov. 20, from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. in the Great Room of the Global Scholars Hall.
November 18
President Michael Schill is calling on the campus community to continue to confront difficult issues of racial equity
November 18
This is the first year that groups across campus have collaborated on a range of events for Native American Heritage Month.