Communications from the Vice President

A Campus, Where Restoration Has The Final Word

November 11

In spite of the diverse opinions we hold, one of the sacred values in higher education is that we should have a rich context of information and truth for all members of the campus community.

Providing welcoming and inclusive spaces for students

November 7

In light of the events of last week and tensions on campus regarding race, inclusivity, and even the presidential election cycle, we are writing to share with you several resources that are available to ensure that we are providing welcoming and inclusive spaces for our students. 

Native American Heritage Month and this critical moment in time

November 1

Native American Heritage Month (NAHM) is always an important time at the University of Oregon. It is an opportunity to celebrate and educate others on the rich history, culture, and contributions of American Indians and Alaska Natives. The observation is also a chance for us to examine current challenges, how they relate to this history, and what we can do as a campus community to help overcome them.

The University of Oregon Celebrates Latino Heritage Month

October 4

During Latino Heritage Month, we recognize and celebrate the contributions of those who came from and/or are descendants of people from Mexico, Spain, the Caribbean, and Central and South America.