Undocumented, Immigrant and DACA Students

UO Dreamers Workgroup

The Undocumented Working Group DREAMers mission is to identify meaningful paths of opportunities for students who have identified as undocumented. These students are unable to tap federal financial resources. This barrier, and other socio-cultural issues, inhibit retention and degree attainment. Their commitment is to research, document, and be a resource and a voice that supports these students as they explore their collegiate journey. They hope to influence policy and enact change that will support students who dare to dream. See the DREAMers blog for more information.

UO Ally Training - DREAMer Ally Training for Faculty and Staff

DACA Updates 2017-2018

At the UO

The Counseling Center is offering an Undocumented Student Support Group this fall.

This support group is a safe, affirming, and confidential space for our undocumented students to connect and share their feelings and experiences given the current political climate. While building a community of support with other undocumented students, we also hope for students to gain ways of coping and connecting them with additional campus resources. For more details about day/time/location, contact Mariko Lin.

UO International Student and Scholar Services:  We support all UO students, regardless of their immigration.

DACA Resources and Updates provided by CLLAS (Center for Latino/a and Latin American Studies at the UO)

SEE ALSO: CMAE Resources for UO students

Legal Support at the UO

For immigration/legal related questions:

Office of the General Counsel
Students should contact:
Office of the General Counsel
Johnson Hall Room 219 | 541-346-3082  | gcounsel@uoregon.edu
VP & General Counsel: Kevin Reed | 541-346-3070

HR: International Employee Relations Office
International employees should contact: 
Jennifer Doreen, International Employment Specialist
677 East 12th Av. 5210 University of Oregon | 541-346-2638

ASUO Legal Services
EMU Room 334  |  541-346-4273

ASUO Legal  Services provides legal services and awareness of the law to UO students.  Students can obtain free legal advice on issues such as landlord disputes, family law issues, criminal and non-criminal offenses, traffic accidents, name changes, etc.

Financial Aid Issues

Students who are unable to receive federal financial aid due to their residency status should not shy away from utilizing all resources available to them:

Resources and Information for and about Undocumented, Immigrant and DACA students

Specifically For Educators: