Co-Chairs: Quantrell Willis and Resa Lovelace

Administrative Recorder: Nedzer Erilus

Assistant Administrative Recorder: Celena Simpson

Correspondence  Recorder: Barbara Marbury

Asst. Correspondence Recorder: Alicia Sheikh-Arvizu

Parliamentarian: Dietrich Moore

Asst. Parliamentarian: Will Hatchet

Treasurer/Funds Manager: Leslie Fountain-Williams

Assistant Treasurer/Funds Manager: Kathy Cooks

Undergraduate Student Liaison: Jaria Martin

Graduate Student Liaison: Lauren Witherspoon

Duties of the Co-Chairs:

  • To preside over meetings of the BSG.
  • To coordinate the activities of the organization in accordance with the decisions of the membership.
  • To call and preside over special meetings of the BSG. 
  • To designate committees and to appoint committee chairpersons.
  • To represent the BSG at public meetings, university sponsored affairs, and other authorized occasions.

Duties of the Faculty Liaison:

  • To strategically communicate between BSG and faculty constituents
  • To provide faculty input on matters pertaining to BSG

Duties of the Student Liaisons:

  • To strategically communicate between BSG and their respective student populations 
  • To provide student input on matters pertaining to BSG

Duties of the Administrative Recorder:

  • To record and maintain the minutes of each meeting and executive session
  • To provide the minutes to the Corresponding Recorder
  • To handle, receive, and retain the administrative paperwork of the BSG
  • To assume duties and responsibilities of the chairperson in the advent of the absence of both co-chairpersons

Duties of the Corresponding Recorder:

  • To send out proper notices of all called meetings, and of other meetings when necessary 
  • To distribute announcements received from BSG members and other constituents of the BSG.
  • To conduct the correspondence of BSG

Duties of the Parliamentarian:

  • To ensure that BSG meetings, decisions and voting processes always adhere to the group's adopted procedures
  • To create and propose procedures
  • To provide explanations of BSG processes and procedures when necessary

Duties of the Treasurer/ Funds Manager

  • To collect and disburse all monies of the BSG to the directives of the Executive Committee
  • To assume the duties and responsibilities of the chairperson in the absence of the co-chairperson, and recording secretary.
  • To keep accurate records and accounts of all monies of the BSG and present financial reports when needed