Multicultural Center (MCC)



The Multicultural Center (MCC), originally based in the Erb Memorial Student Union (EMU) student union hall, ideally aspired to be a center “where all students would be welcomed to meet, plan, and help with educating the community about diversity.” The student-funded MCC was approved in the mid-1990s and became the catalyst for a series of changes in the campus community.
The MCC is a hub of activism, connecting students of all races and backgrounds to encourage collaboration around diversity programming and education. The MCC has sponsored annual conferences on diversity, featuring renown keynote speakers including historian Howard Zinn (author of People’s History of the United States), professor Angela Davis, poet/playwright Amiri Baraka, actor Edward James Olmos, activist Bobby Seale, Father Roy Bourgeois, global performance artist Guillermo Gomez-Pena, Yolanda King (daughter of MLK, Jr.), the Reverend Jesse Jackson, Adelina Anthony, Elaine Brown, Athens Boys Choir, Cornel West, among many others.
The MCC accommodates meetings of student unions, educational and cultural workshops, guest speakers and artists, art displays, spoken word events, hip hop concerts, etc. The MCC also houses a resource library of books and videos, and has computers for students to work on academic and union projects. The MCC provides potential coalition space for groups in one physical location, encouraging dialogue and cooperation toward achieving common goals.
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